Beans, Beans…

…the magical fruit.
The more you eat them,
The more you toot!

It’s Eat Beans Day!  What else can you do but eat beans?  Hopefully, you stopped doing bean art in elementary school.   Choose today to cook your favorite bean recipe or try a new one. There are thousands of bean varieties and millions of recipes to choose from, try one or try them all (that’s a lot of bean eating)!  Beans are cheap and a great source of protein, fiber, antioxidants, and other great stuff making them good for your blood, heart, and wallet.  Any meatless dieter will tell you, beans are a must.

Have a bean potluck party! Invite your family, friends, everyone you know and have a bean dish pass-around.  Don’t worry about possible odors, there’s Glade for that!  Toot, toot, and…



Today’s References: HuffPost Lifestyle

Did you forget?

It’s I Forgot Day and there are a few different perspectives you can take.  You can forget about today and not think of it at all. Then technically you would and wouldn’t be celebrating today at the same time.

You can think of all the birthdays, holidays, and other celebrations you’ve missed and send cards with your deepest regrets.  You may also plan to forget some in the future and should prepare those cards as well.

You can think of all the things you may have forgotten to do that you’re glad you didn’t do and write an “Amen” list.  It may give you a chuckle to send cards for these occasions as well.  Although, some recipients may not find these cards funny, especially if your absence resulted in a ticket, firing, or fight.

Or, you can use today as your excuse for not doing the things you said you would do today, but you can only use it for today.  Whatever you choose, don’t forget to celebrate forgetting.



The benefits of laughter sure outweigh the depression of having no sense of humor.  It’s International Joke Day and we’re ROTFL all day long.  Laughter is the medicine of life, it works your abs, improves your state of being, and can improve your immune system (so I’ve heard).  And, even if it did none of that, it’s so much fun to do.

Jokes are a short form of storytelling, improving your wit and making you the life of the party. Jokes are notorious for easing the tension in the room and getting any party started. They make you relatable and approachable.  Why do you think most speeches start with a joke?  Why do you think entire shows are built around jokes? Why do you think comedians make millions of dollars?  Everyone loves a good joke and not just the “pull my finger” kind of joke. Jokes have different levels and as every comedian will say, telling jokes is an art.

From slapstick to dark humor, funny is funny and we all buy into them from our first knock, knock joke to the first time we ask, “why did the chicken cross the road?”   Celebrate today with your best or worse jokes.  Have a Def Comedy Jam marathon or re-watch this past year’s election, now there’s a joke!