A good start…

If you know the beginning of this joke, you know it doesn’t end well for the lawyers.  So, at least they have today!  It’s Love Litigating Lawyers Day!  Lawyers don’t usually receive a standing ovation and are regarded as everything from a saint to a sleazy salesman. They are friend or foe depending on which side of right you stand, as we have all seen on Law & Order or experienced personally.

The truth is most lawyers aren’t out to squeeze nickles and dimes from the little guy and bankrupt corporations.  They want to see justice served and the law working for every citizen. At least that’s how most of them used to think.  So, celebrate today with a public defender, personal litigator, or watching Primal Fear, (one of my favorite lawyer flicks).  Love on a lawyer (especially if you’re married to one) and…


ooey gooey

Today’s holiday is very specific.  It’s National Toasted Marshmallow Day.  You see, very specific.  I don’t know why marshmallows in hot chocolate, dipped in chocolate or plain don’t count, but they don’t.  So whether you prefer them light, dark, or burnt to a crisp, celebrate the ooey gooey goodness of toasted marshmallows.    And, if it’s your thing have some graham crackers and chocolate on deck.  Accessories are allowed.  Have fun and…



Herbs Up, Salt Down

Today’s Seasoning Challenge is Herbs over Salt.   It’s More Herbs, Less Salt Day!  We all know an excess of salt isn’t good for our kidneys and can lead to serious health issues associated with high blood pressure.  Too much sodium in our blood impedes kidneys from properly doing their job, so celebrate today by using less or no salt.

Don’t cheat by increasing your intake of sweets. Instead, try seasoning your food with delicious herbs and spices. Today is also a good day to start an indoor herb garden. There is no enjoyment like picking fresh herbs from your garden.  Well, that’s not exactly true, there are things much more enjoyable, but it’s still pretty cool to have your own herb garden.  Throwing a few freshly picked cilantro or basil leaves in your dish will make you feel like a real Top Chef.  Fresh rosemary, lavender, and mint can go in your beverages too.  Experiment today with herb heavy recipes and less salt.  Give your kidneys a break and…




Today is the Day of Jubilee and celebrates the day Martin Luther King Jr. gave his “I Have a Dream” speech.  Although the basic elements of his dream have been realized — meaning, I’m welcome to eat in any restaurant I want with people of many different races — it is obvious there is still work to do for minority race equality, acceptance, and appreciation.  Celebrate today expressing your heritage, celebrating others and being extra kind.  Let’s continue to work together to raise the standard everywhere.

It’s also National Bow Tie Day.  Who can resist the classic look of a man in a bow tie? The debonair, James Bond-esque look of a confident man in a bow tie commands the attention of every room.  Treat yourself or a man in your life to a bow tie.  And, remember they work on women too!


Today’s References: JBaldyMac Raiment Advisor

Just Because

If you’re a habitual free-spirit who makes moves based on intuition and ambition, today may be your day.  It’s Just Because Day.  You may feel like a child, doing things just because…of curiosity…you feel like it…or because you wanted to, but what’s wrong with that? Don’t confuse today as an opportunity to accept or make excuses. Today is a day to live with whimsy. Planners, plan to have no plan.  Forget trying to making sense of everything with logic and reasoning. If you are a planner, expect a little pain, but rest assured your neurosis may resume tomorrow.  Celebrate today by doing what you want just because.  Have fun and…



Rock the 19th

Although I don’t know what some women were thinking this past presidential election, today we celebrate their right to F up. It’s Women’s Equality Day!  On this day, in 1920, the 19th Amendment gave women the legal right to vote. Since then we’ve taken some giant leaps forward (and a few baby steps backward).

Celebrate today by thinking about all that has been accomplished with the support, partnership, and leadership of women voters.  Women have played key roles in elections and the passing of legislation at local, state, and federal levels.  The impact of women voters can’t be denied.  If you are a woman of voting age take today to think about how you use your vote.  Maybe you need to register, maybe you need to get involved in local government, or maybe you just need to read the entire ballot book the next time you receive it in the mail.  Being involved in creating laws and choosing leaders to represent you isn’t a privilege, it’s a right, one women had to fight to receive.  Don’t take your voice lightly.  Have fun and…



Kiss kiss list

Are you the kind of person who can hold onto a grudge like your life depends on it? Well, research (not my research), but research shows that your life depends more on letting grudges go.  Therefore celebrating today’s holiday is good for your health, it’s Kiss and Make Up Day! Kiss, forgive, and move on.  Celebrate today by scratching names off your “Dead to Me” list one by one.  Grab the chapstick and get kissing.  Forgive, friends, family, and especially your crush (cheeky).  Before your attitude gets high and mighty, remember your name is probably on someone else’s list.  Kiss kiss and…