My Momma’s Fav.

Chocolate, vanilla, or both, today we celebrate a sandwich that needs no bread.  It’s National Ice Cream Sandwich Day!  This very American treat has been a common folk favorite since the 18th century.  Originally sweet cream between biscuits, the invention of portable freezers helped this dessert evolve.

You may think the most important thing about the ice cream sandwich is the ice cream, but that’s not true.  It doesn’t matter what flavor you prefer or if you spread it between to wafers or cookies.  The most important thing is how you eat it.  Do you dive in and start taking bites?  Do you eat one wafer, then double it in half creating a short fat sandwich, or do you take the entire thing apart and eat it bit by bit?  My favorite technique combines a variety of approaches.

Step 1: Lick the outside perimeter with the tip of your tongue.

Step 2: Peel the top half of both wafers off and eat them plain.

Step 3:  Eat the other half of the sandwich with small bites.

Step 4:  Get another ice cream sandwich and repeat.

My mother loves ice cream sandwiches, so I dedicate today’s holiday to her.  Have fun celebrating today with friends and your favorite ice cream sandwich eating technique.