Pull it off the vine and slice it while it’s fresh.  It’s National Watermelon Day! The watermelon is probably the most controversial fruit with seeds, but I don’t mind. Its roots stretch back over 5,000 years to Africa, where it was written about in journals, buried with Kings and Queens, and immortalized in portraits. The watermelon has earned its stripes, deserves this holiday and its place in American history.

The juicy sweetness we enjoy on picnic tables and in our watermelon-tinis was cultivated from bitter ancestors mostly used as drinking gourds. Through cultivation, the watermelon became popular for its ability to retain water and last during long journies. This is most likely how it found its way into America and the deep South…European expansion (if you catch my not so subtle drift).  Today, the watermelon and watermelon flavoring are a fan favorite making appearances in snacks, salads, desserts, and drinks. Celebrate today by enjoying them all.  Have a watermelon feast!   And, if you’re in Japan, you can purchase a square ornamental watermelon for $1,000.  Celebrate well and…


Today’s References: National Geographic