Champagne Friday

What’s your champagne personality?  Are you the type that only pops a cork on special occasions, like birthdays, weddings, and funerals?  Or, are you the type that only pops a cork for special occasions like, Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays? Either way, today, you’re covered, it’s National Champagne Day, so break out the bubbly to celebrate the bubbly.

Champagne is created when a wine is fermented a second time in a sealed container, this creates carbonation a.k.a, the bubbly! If you’re calling for Dom Perignon, thank a monk, because at least one of the claimed inventors of champagne was a French monk named Dom Perignon.  However, like many good things that catch on, there are several versions of how the sparkling wine originated. We’re just glad it originated.  So, celebrate with a glass of alcohol fizz.  Get fancy and dress it up by dropping a few berries in the glass. Invite your friends over and sample different brands, flavors, and combinations.  It’s never fun to drink alone unless of course, no one is around.  Pop! Fizz! Drink!  Have fun and…



Today’s References: Henri’s Reserve, France Today