Unmentionables have come a long way.  They’re more colorful, more versatile, and cover much less than they used to cover.  Unless you’re Mormon, then they’ve pretty much stayed the same.  But, if your garments are flashy and you know it, celebrate National Underwear Day!

Today (hopefully, every day if you wear them) put on a fresh pair and flaunt them if you want to.  Celebrated Annually with fashion shows, pop-up shops, and public almost nakedness, National Underwear Day gets plenty of recognition.  Show you’re secure in your body and walk the street half dressed.  Or you can wear your underwear on the outside of your clothing and make an entirely different fashion statement.  Whatever, you do, celebrate in style with the cute non-period panties, and the special, boxer briefs without the extra personally made holes.  Keep it clean and…