If you open your mouth and two words come to mind; Hali and tosis, you should start bad-breathcelebrating National Fresh Breath Day! Never underestimate the power of a clean mouth. It’s difficult to closely associate with people toting dragon breath.  Whispering, hugging, and heartfelt belly fulls of laughter become difficult in a hostile breath environment.  If this is you or someone you know, intervene and stop the humility immediately.

Bad breath can originate from poor food choices, poor hygiene choices or plain old bad genes.  The consequences of ignoring the problem can be terminal to your health, personal and professional life. So, celebrate by doing all you can to combat this epidemic in yourself or with others.  Brush your teeth at least twice a day, whether the sting of mouthwash and see your dentist regularly.  Mini oral hygiene gift bags are appropriate giveaways for today.  Brush, swish, spit, repeat and…


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