The Produce Bandit

If having a green thumb is your super power and you’ve gone a little overboard this season, grab your cape and celebrate Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Night!  Has your garden been overwhelmingly fruitful this harvest? Spread the wealth and be a vegetable superhero, spreading wholesome produce one doorstep at a time.  You can keep it casual and stroll door to door this evening leaving little bags of green veggies, but why not make it interesting.  I say, spend the early part of the evening developing a costume.  I’m thinking a cape (of course) with a sequence zucchini on it, green tights and a light saber (you never know where danger lurks, especially when delivering vegetables).   Dash around corners and fly up and down porches, leaping fences in a single bound, delivering brown baggies of goodness.  Spread the roughage, iron, and vitamins, one long, green zucchini at a time.  Have fun and…


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