To the left, to the left.

Today we celebrate all our friends who can’t get right.  It’s Left Hander’s Day!  Through my research, I found a lot of information on the Southpaw group.  Some good, some not so good, some, helpful, some depressing, some fact, and some superstitious.  My grand conclusion is lefties live in a right-handed world and make the most of the left hand they were dealt.  Just ask Oprah.

Celebrate today with a leftie.  Try living in their world and doing everything with your left hand.  I imagine using the toilet will be very interesting, well, not using it, wiping afterward.   You can share your left-handed experiences in the comments section below.  I’ll read them.  If you’re a lefty and you’re looking for your people, here’s a famous list of lefties.  Have fun and…


Today’s references: Indiana University Bloomington

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