Hunk a hunka

You either think he’s left the building or running game on a shuffle board in Miami, it’s Elvis Memorial Day!  I must admit, I don’t know much about his music or film career. He died before I was born and had reached the height of his career even earlier than that.  But, I do understand the level of dedication his fans have for his legacy.  He’s like the Beetles, Michael Jackson, Prince, Tupac, and Biggie (depending on your era).  All were greats in their own right, died too young and, with the exceptions of the Beetles, true fans are on the fence about whether or not they’ve actually left the building or took that magic potion from Death Becomes Her.

If you think he’s still in the building, celebrate today by going on a hunting mission to find Elvis.  If you think he lives on, only in memory, enjoy this evening planning a trip to Graceland and host an Elvis themed dinner party.  If you don’t know much about Elvis, today is a great day to discover his music, films, and fashion. Uh huh, uh huh and…


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