If your entire outfit costs $20 or less, you probably already know about today’s holiday, It’s National Thriftshop Day! Not to be confused with consignment shops, thrift stores offer a little bit of everything and I do me everything!!!  From wheelchairs to designer scarfs, it’s all marked down and waiting for you.  Some items are gently used and others are waiting for you to give them a second act.  I enjoy using thrift stores as my personal DIY shop, finding treasures aching for a revamp.   Every time I walk into a Goodwill, Restore Store, Salvation Army, or Value Village I feel like I’m on an episode of  Flea Market Flip.

If you’re anything like my sister, you’re already planning your budget-less celebration of today’s holiday.  If you’re anything like my mother, you’re going to celebrate today at every thrift store with the senior discount (yes, she wants discounts on discounts). If you’ve never been a thrift store patron, begin today.  And, while you’re fingering through the goods, remember most thrift stores help employ, educate, and train people who have been displaced.  Don’t let that bargain get away.   Shop, shop and…


(not for work)