Proses and Roses

As I look for the words to speak my mind,
I find them running away
Proses and Roses can’t convey
That I’m celebrating Bad Poetry Day!

What makes a poem bad?  My literary side is prepared to run off a list of errors and offenses that shame poetry.  The other side of me likens poetry to art, it’s all in the ear of the listener or the creator.  The truth in me says it’s lack of purpose, emotion, and style which brings us to today.  Today is for all the poets out there who know they have no business calling themselves poets.    If you have never scribed, have only scribed junk, and couldn’t put two words together even if they were written in the palm of your hands, you’re a bad poet and today is your holiday.

Celebrate by reciting and writing until your heart is content or the clock strikes midnight.   While today’s holiday encourages you to express yourself, I’m sure there will be someone asking you to stop.  Midnight is your deadline.  Enjoy the next 24 hours like you are the Poet Laureate.  Speak to everyone as if you are in a Shakespearian play. Answer questions like you’re trying to win a Slam contest.  Respond to requests with metaphors and rhyme.
Do all you can,
have fun and…