Herbs Up, Salt Down

Today’s Seasoning Challenge is Herbs over Salt.   It’s More Herbs, Less Salt Day!  We all know an excess of salt isn’t good for our kidneys and can lead to serious health issues associated with high blood pressure.  Too much sodium in our blood impedes kidneys from properly doing their job, so celebrate today by using less or no salt.

Don’t cheat by increasing your intake of sweets. Instead, try seasoning your food with delicious herbs and spices. Today is also a good day to start an indoor herb garden. There is no enjoyment like picking fresh herbs from your garden.  Well, that’s not exactly true, there are things much more enjoyable, but it’s still pretty cool to have your own herb garden.  Throwing a few freshly picked cilantro or basil leaves in your dish will make you feel like a real Top Chef.  Fresh rosemary, lavender, and mint can go in your beverages too.  Experiment today with herb heavy recipes and less salt.  Give your kidneys a break and…