It seems a little weird calling days like today a holiday, but it is Vesuvius Day! Even though I like saying the word Vesuvius, it’s city-leveling power isn’t lost on me.  Mount Vesuvius is an active volcano that leveled Pompeii and several other cities, killing over 6,000 in its lifetime.  So, how do you celebrate Vesuvius Day?  Well, if you have the funds and time to jet set to Italy, do so and have fun.  Try not to have an Alanis Morissette Ironic moment and die during an eruption on Vesuvius Day.  If you aren’t jet setting today, celebrate by not letting your emotions erupt.  Have a temper-free day and…




Be a dandelion and celebrate Ride the Wind Day.  It’s time to enjoy the last of the summer breezes.  School is starting and Fall will be here soon.  Today is a reminder to enjoy the warm weather and soft winds of summer.  Dandelions float with the breeze spreading little gifts wherever they land.  I’m not suggesting you float along spreding your seed, but take today as an opportunity to be light breezy.  Celebrate by not making any commitments or plans and see where the day takes you.



It’s Hug Your Boss Day and although this sounds like a directive, it’s really a suggestion to evaluate your work environment.  Brought to you by Tip Top Job, an international online recruitment resource whose mantra is, “if you can’t hug your boss, you may want to find another job!” I suggest you don’t take today’s holiday lightly.  Depending on your profession, you spend at least 30 hours a week of your waking hours at work and if you don’t like your boss, those can be 30 plus hours of fire and brimstone. While some bosses realize happy employees are the best employees, some let their fears, ambitions, and shitty dispositions impede on their ability to be effective leaders.  Is your boss from column A or column B?  If you’re working for a Boss that’s B, it may be time to dust off your resume, update a few things, and search for 30 plus hours a week of enjoyment. It may even be time to start your own business or chuck it all and move to a remote island where trading shells is preferred to money (I don’t know where that is, but let me know if you find it). The bottom line is life really is short.  The boss may be the boss, but they don’t have to be yours. Think on it and…



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Grey Mare

oldgreymare_menuCount your candles and see if you qualify for today’s National Holiday.  It’s National Senior Citizens Day! Today’s holiday bears the signature of President Ronald Reagan, the call number Proclamation 5847, and celebrates the contributions of our elders.

The old grey mare ain’t what she used to be, 60’s the new 50 and in some cases the new 40.  Senior citizens are poppin’ and not just because they have their own holiday.  Between Yoga, technology, AARP, plastic surgery and going vegan, the aged are limber, educated, wealthy, and enjoying life more than a few 20 somethings I know.  So, take today to celebrate the 60, 70, 80, and 90, somethings you know and if you’re planning to follow in their footsteps, you should probably take a couple notes. Even if they aren’t living like Jada Pinkett Smith’s mother, they have covered ground you have yet to see. Taking their advice can make your roads straighter and less bumpy and if you’ve already made a mess of things, I’m sure they know a great clean up crew.  Be wise, be well, and…


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It’s not a bird…

It’s a 300-ton flying machine and so today, on Orville Wright’s birthday, we celebrate Aviation Day! The Wright brothers came a long way from Icarus and his wax wings. Wilbur and Orville Wright are credited with inventing the first “controlled, sustained, powered” airplane to successfully take flight.  If it weren’t for the aerodynamic bits they got right, everyone else developing planes would not have had such a great idea to steal. Badaboom, badabing, fast forward and we still have planes falling from the sky, just not as often and for a variety of reason other than it’s never been done before.

Celebrate today by watching planes take off from a landing strip.  I recently did that on a beach in St. Marteen.  It was wonderful, but I’m sure that had more to do with the beach than the planes.  If you don’t have access to the beach on St. Marteen, visit your nearest airport or kickback on the couch and watch Airplane.  You’re sure to get some laughs although you won’t catch much wind (unless you’re eating beans, in which case, you may make some wind).  Catch some air and…


Today’s References: The Wright Brothers

Proses and Roses

As I look for the words to speak my mind,
I find them running away
Proses and Roses can’t convey
That I’m celebrating Bad Poetry Day!

What makes a poem bad?  My literary side is prepared to run off a list of errors and offenses that shame poetry.  The other side of me likens poetry to art, it’s all in the ear of the listener or the creator.  The truth in me says it’s lack of purpose, emotion, and style which brings us to today.  Today is for all the poets out there who know they have no business calling themselves poets.    If you have never scribed, have only scribed junk, and couldn’t put two words together even if they were written in the palm of your hands, you’re a bad poet and today is your holiday.

Celebrate by reciting and writing until your heart is content or the clock strikes midnight.   While today’s holiday encourages you to express yourself, I’m sure there will be someone asking you to stop.  Midnight is your deadline.  Enjoy the next 24 hours like you are the Poet Laureate.  Speak to everyone as if you are in a Shakespearian play. Answer questions like you’re trying to win a Slam contest.  Respond to requests with metaphors and rhyme.
Do all you can,
have fun and…



If your entire outfit costs $20 or less, you probably already know about today’s holiday, It’s National Thriftshop Day! Not to be confused with consignment shops, thrift stores offer a little bit of everything and I do me everything!!!  From wheelchairs to designer scarfs, it’s all marked down and waiting for you.  Some items are gently used and others are waiting for you to give them a second act.  I enjoy using thrift stores as my personal DIY shop, finding treasures aching for a revamp.   Every time I walk into a Goodwill, Restore Store, Salvation Army, or Value Village I feel like I’m on an episode of  Flea Market Flip.

If you’re anything like my sister, you’re already planning your budget-less celebration of today’s holiday.  If you’re anything like my mother, you’re going to celebrate today at every thrift store with the senior discount (yes, she wants discounts on discounts). If you’ve never been a thrift store patron, begin today.  And, while you’re fingering through the goods, remember most thrift stores help employ, educate, and train people who have been displaced.  Don’t let that bargain get away.   Shop, shop and…


(not for work)