Get Muddy

You’re beautiful, damn it! Maintain your beauty by celebrating today’s holiday.  It’s National Mud Pack Day!  I’m not instructing you to go out and play in the mud.  I’m instructing you to put it on your face or your entire body if you’re game!  Clean, exfoliate, detox, add nutrients, and tighten your skin with the perfect mud for your face.  Don’t go dig up your garden, there are plenty of mud mask options wherever beauty products are sold or you can go organic and make a mask at home.  A honey and banana mask sounds sweet.  Get muddy and…


Today’s References: Brit+co, Wellness Mama


Africa did it again! Today we celebrate the trees of Ethiopia, bearing red berries as they grow wild in the hills.  It’s National Coffee Day! Who knows how long these trees have been bearing fruit?  My research dates it back to the 9th century.  The most repeated tale of its discovery to attributed to a goat herder, who dared to taste the berries that excited his goats.  He shared it with his wife and some monks and the popularity of the berry/bean turned drink basically grew like wild fire.  It traveled throughout Africa as a medicinal and religious drink for about one-thousand years until it arrived in Europe.  Once in Europe it became an elite social beverage shared in coffee houses throughout the continent.   Considered a drug at one point, coffee spent a little time on the Prohibition list, but what hasn’t.  Now, it’s like crack, available in every corner of the world, frozen, frothed, flavored, or intravenously.

I’m not a huge coffee consumer.  I like mine frappe style with caramel and whipped cream.  When I drink it hot, I prefer it half cream and sugar, half coffee.  I’m also one of those people coffee puts to sleep rather than perking up.  So, I’ll celebrate late tonight.  I suggest you celebrate today according to your coffee personality.  If you’re an addict, feen away.  Kaffa and…


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Who are the people in your neighborhood? If you don’t know, today is a good day to find out.  It’s National Good Neighbor Day!  An actual holiday, it originated Montana.  In 1970, Mrs. Becky (of Montana) had the notion that neighbors should be friends, or at least cordial to each other.  She spoke to her Congressman Mike Mansfield, who got the notion endorsed by Presidents Nixon, Ford, and Carter, who then issued a proclamation along with several governors, taking that notion to the Senate.  The notion was sponsored by Senator Max Baucus, and in 2003, the notion passed in the Senate.  That is how a notion became a holiday.

wp-image-660611490Since all these folks went through great lengths from 1970-2003 to get this holiday on the books, I say we celebrate.  Even if your neighbors are nosy peepers, your dreadful in-laws or the cat lady, I say celebrate.  Wave at their binoculars, host a family dinner, compliment the cats, grin, and be nice. In my opinion, good neighbors are supposed to feel like distant relatives, you may not see them all the time, but you can depend on them to loan you sugar, a rake, or batteries.  They’ll invite you over during a blackout and you’ll share your garden overflow with them.  They’ll watch your house, collect your mail when you’re out of town and call the cops if they see a strange person on your porch. Some may have quirks, like grading how well you take out the trash, stopping you for short conversations that never end, and constant broccoli breath, but that’s why they’re distant relatives.

If you don’t know your neighbors, celebrate today by getting to know them.  If you do know your neighbors and they’re good, give them a thank you card.  If you do know your neighbors and they’re horrible, maybe list ways they can improve inside the thank you card. If you’re the jerk neighbor, now you know better, be better.  Go home this evening, smile, wave, and…


Crush It.

If you missed your anger management class, don’t fret.  You can relieve your built up tension with today’s celebration.  It’s Crush a Can Day!  Although you can do this just for fun today is meant to bring an awareness of recycling.  I’m not  encouraging binge drinking or overdoing it on the caffeine, but the can has to come from somewhere. Drink it. Crush it. Recycle it. Have fun and…



As you keep the doctor away munching on an apple today, remember the tree it came from and celebrate.  It’s Johnny Appleseed Day!  John Chapman, American folk hero and actual person was an Evangelist and trained nurseryman who planted apple tree nurseries as he traveled the states with his brother.  Traveling the states in the 1792 is relative, so his trees where mostly planted in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, West Virginia and even parts of Ontario. It’s possible his nurseries contributed to the variety of American apples available today.  Most of his trees, however, garnered small tart apples that were mostly picked to make cider, which is why after Prohibition, many of them were chopped down.

Johnny Appleseed was so devoted to his beliefs that he led a simple life, never married, and never had children.  Celebrate today according to your faith, your faith in cider.  Eat apple themed meals, like cider and apple pies or cider and pork chops, or cider.  Have friends and family over, dress like nomads, drink cider, and…


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apple-151070_640If your favorite artist hasn’t had a hit since tape decks were on sale at Radio Shack or the iPod shuffle was released, today is the holiday for you.  It’s National One-Hit-Wonder Day!  Country, Hip-Hop, Pop, and Rock n’ Roll have all had Prisoners of Music (P.O.M.), artists whose careers began and ended with their first single to crack the top 100.  One Hit Wonders aren’t always terrible uncannily catchy songs.  Sometimes they’re amazing, but the artist, for one reason or another, didn’t have career longevity. Accident, death, poor management, bad timing, or any other life-changing event can be the cause of the fall, but we’re not here to speculate.  We’re here to recognize music that got us moving for a moment.

Celebrate by listening to the greatest one-hits of your generation. You may even stumble on something you never knew existed like Rodney Dangerfield’s, Rapping Rodney. Who knew he ever cut a record rapping? Dance to a one-hit from a genre of music outside your usual selection. You may just find out what happened at the Harper Valley P.T.A. meeting. Whoomp! There It Is!


Eat Grandma

Today matters more than you think and especially when you’re penning words to paper. You may not notice as much when you speak even though it is subconsciously present.  It’s Punctuation Day! Some may find this subject cringe-worthy, believe me, when all is said and done, you’ll be happier being understood.  Celebrate today by annoyingly and deliberately saying your punctuation aloud during conversations.  When asked why you’re doing it.  Respond by pointing them to this post and reminding them that proper punctuation saves jobs, lives, and relationships.  It also ends them, too.