Sometimes that light bulb goes off, but it’s a little dim.  What do you do when your idea is half baked?  You celebrate Swap Ideas Day!  You get creative with another person or group.  If you’re starting to break out in hives rethinking those awful group assignments in school, don’t.  Today is supposed to be fun. All holidays are supposed to be fun, well, with the exception of Beheading Day.  That shouldn’t be fun.  But, today isn’t Beheading Day!  It’s Swap Ideas Day and (in case I have to mention it) you shouldn’t be swapping ideas about beheading.

Today’s ideas should be creative, innovative and transformative (in a non-beheading way).  End your writer’s block, solve that riddle and finish building the first whatchamacallit to end world hunger, disease, and the cable conglomerate.  Match your creativity with someone else’s innovation, and a third person’s technical skills and create something great!  you don’t have to be the next Einstien, you could be the next Joy and figure out the best way to blow your nose or hold a pencil.  Just think and swap.  Now is the time and today is the day!  Eureka and…


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