Is your boss getting on your nerves today? Have you had it up to here with that coworker you wish would just quit already? Was that last email your last straw? It sounds like you’re ready to celebrate I Want to Start My Own Business Day!

caution-1776643_640Whoa, Nelly!  Before you get all pumped up and march to your manager’s office or press send on your resignation email, think things all the way through.  While running a successful business can feel gratifying and like a real boss move, starting one can feel a little different, terrifyingly different.  If you have the innovation, ideas, ambition, and resilience to make that move, by all means, make it, just don’t put all your eggs in one basket.  Put some eggs in the “now bills” basket, the “emergency” basket, and the “once in a lifetime dream concert” basket.  You never know what may come up while you’re waiting for the “my own business” eggs to hatch.  Celebrate today by starting at square one of your new business adventure.  If you aren’t interested in starting your own business, today is a great day to lend your talents and help an entrepreneur you know start theirs.  Have fun and…



Today’s References: Small Business Administration, Entrepreneur