hamburgerhelperToday may seem redundant, but apparently, a slice of cheese makes a big difference.  It’s National Cheeseburger Day!  National Cheeseburger Day is just like National Hamburger Day except with cheese.  Now that we realize cheese is so important its entrance requires an extra day of celebration, I’d like to point out a peculiar fact. Why is Hamburger Helper called Hamburger Helper instead of Cheeseburger Helper?  The box doesn’t come with burger meat and most of the dishes have cheese in them.  I guess alliteration bested cheese from its spotlight.

Celebrate today with a cheeseburger.  Grill if you can, if not, don’t.  I’ve recently become a pescatarian, so I’ll be celebrating, but the burger to my cheese will be made of brown rice, black beans, and mushrooms.  Remember the cheese and…