apple-151070_640If your favorite artist hasn’t had a hit since tape decks were on sale at Radio Shack or the iPod shuffle was released, today is the holiday for you.  It’s National One-Hit-Wonder Day!  Country, Hip-Hop, Pop, and Rock n’ Roll have all had Prisoners of Music (P.O.M.), artists whose careers began and ended with their first single to crack the top 100.  One Hit Wonders aren’t always terrible uncannily catchy songs.  Sometimes they’re amazing, but the artist, for one reason or another, didn’t have career longevity. Accident, death, poor management, bad timing, or any other life-changing event can be the cause of the fall, but we’re not here to speculate.  We’re here to recognize music that got us moving for a moment.

Celebrate by listening to the greatest one-hits of your generation. You may even stumble on something you never knew existed like Rodney Dangerfield’s, Rapping Rodney. Who knew he ever cut a record rapping? Dance to a one-hit from a genre of music outside your usual selection. You may just find out what happened at the Harper Valley P.T.A. meeting. Whoomp! There It Is!


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