Africa did it again! Today we celebrate the trees of Ethiopia, bearing red berries as they grow wild in the hills.  It’s National Coffee Day! Who knows how long these trees have been bearing fruit?  My research dates it back to the 9th century.  The most repeated tale of its discovery to attributed to a goat herder, who dared to taste the berries that excited his goats.  He shared it with his wife and some monks and the popularity of the berry/bean turned drink basically grew like wild fire.  It traveled throughout Africa as a medicinal and religious drink for about one-thousand years until it arrived in Europe.  Once in Europe it became an elite social beverage shared in coffee houses throughout the continent.   Considered a drug at one point, coffee spent a little time on the Prohibition list, but what hasn’t.  Now, it’s like crack, available in every corner of the world, frozen, frothed, flavored, or intravenously.

I’m not a huge coffee consumer.  I like mine frappe style with caramel and whipped cream.  When I drink it hot, I prefer it half cream and sugar, half coffee.  I’m also one of those people coffee puts to sleep rather than perking up.  So, I’ll celebrate late tonight.  I suggest you celebrate today according to your coffee personality.  If you’re an addict, feen away.  Kaffa and…


Today’s References: Africa Resource, Turkish Coffee and Tea World

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