The Clean Team

Here’s to a profession guaranteed not to go out of business.  It’s National Custodial Workers Recognition Day! I’m glad I don’t have to clean my desk at the end of the day and I’m sure you are too.  I appreciate the team that comes in and empties my trash, while I’m at home detoxing from the day.  I don’t like to vacuum at home, I definitely don’t want to do it at work.

I’m also grateful when I have to use a public restroom and I’m not repulsed into having to hold “it” until I get home.  I applaud all those who take pride in their work, even though, they aren’t there to see me appreciate it.  Yes, I know that every instance of a foul restroom isn’t the fault of the staff. Some adults are just nasty and need to do better. You know you’d flush the toilet at home, why not in public?  And is there pee on the seat and toilet paper on the floor at your house?  I also applaud the custodians who have to clean up behind these filth heathens.  You are the Clean Team from heaven.

Celebrate today by leaving a “thank you” not for your custodial team.  After all, you  know you’d be the first to complain if they weren’t doing their job.  Be grateful and…


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