If you’re a Natural Born Jerk you may struggle with today’s holiday.  It’s Do Something Nice Day! This means you should do something nice for someone else.  I apologize if you were thinking you’d make it through the day treating yourself.  Today your focus should expand beyond your own fingertips, wants, and needs.  Think about how you can help someone else, then actually do it.  Being nice to someone else won’t cause you to strain a muscle unless you’re volunteering to help someone move; then you’re on your own.

If you think too hard about it you may rupture a blood vessel in your ego.  Being nice to someone is as simple as holding the door, the elevator, or your gas until you’ve left the room.  Whatever actions you can take today to consider the feelings and needs of others, shows kindness.

If you’re an overachiever, feel free to push the envelope and be a superhero for a day.  Solve problems, fix messes, and utilize your superhero pose.  The main thing is to be nice from your heart.  Even if you’re heart pumps more ice than blood, I’m sure celebrating won’t kill you. So be a sweetie and…