You’re It

Probably the oldest game ever; it’s National American Touch Tag Day!  Why are we celebrating tag?  It’s good exercise, it’s something to do, and it gives you a reason to touch someone else without being creepy.  We all need a little contact from time to time.  You don’t need to dive in the dirt unless you’re overly competitive or being paid to do so.  Have fun celebrating.  Go outside and play with friends.  That’ll give the people something to look at; grown folks playing tag in the park.  Some strangers may even join in your game.  I wouldn’t advise you run around screaming, “You’re it,” while tagging random strangers.  It may be amusing, but as of late people have been taking their second amendment right a little overboard, so, do so at your own risk.  Otherwise, enjoy celebrating.  Establish the rules and…


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