Star Player

Step out this morning like you own the day, even if it is a wet rainy day. It’s yours and it’s National Kick-Butt Day!  Don’t get too excited, you don’t get to go around kicking anyone in the butt but yourself.  Kick-Butt day urges you to get your butt in gear.  What have you been putting off?  Put it off no longer, my friend.  Tomorrow is today. Later is today. Someday is today.  I read a self-motivation book that said, “…everything is urgent.”  So today, make everything on your To-Do, Honey-Do, or Want to Do list urgent. Excuses don’t exist. You can start that business, lose the weight, get the facial, learn to cook, whatever. Your future is waiting. Get it done, kick butt at it and…



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