Working Teddy

All dressed up with somewhere to go.  It’s Take Your Teddy Bear to Work Day!  I’m glad the word ‘Bear’ is in the title of today’s holiday.  Take Your Teddy to Work Day can easily insinuate an entirely different kind of holiday.  For the purpose of brevity, in this article, I’m going to refer to teddy bears as TB.

It’s time to show a little personality at work.  Grab the TB on your bed, your kid’s bed, or the one from your ex that’s stuffed in the closet under several large boxes.  Dress your TB up and take him/her to work.  Unless clothes on stuffed animals freak you out, then take your naked TB to work.  We’ve all seen what they’ve got.

There is little purpose to this holiday.  It’s just a cute way to interact at work, learn a little more about your coworkers, and make you feel more at home at work.  As an added bonus, should you feel like squeezing something to death while at work, your TB won’t mind because it can’t die.  If you have one of those over-sized teddy bears, be sure to take pictures of it sitting at your desk like a human.  If your teddy talks, that can quickly become annoying, be prepared to have the batteries stolen.   Other than that, I don’t see how celebrating can go wrong.  If it were Take Your Dog and TB’s to work day, I’d expect orgies and mass TB murders, but it’s not, so take your TB to work and…