Laughing or Crying?

154050_s203534289.pngWhen you think of your life thus far, which emotion best describes your thoughts? Whether you’re jumping for joy or crying like a baby, it’s time to celebrate.  It’s Evaluate Your Life Day! It’s also Get Smart About Your Credit Day, which should be a component of evaluating your life.

1426683_s1346268122.pngCelebrate by asking the important questions. Are things going well or are they in the clunker?  How satisfied are you with your life? If you’re broke, your friends hate you and even your Mama won’t let you sleep on her couch, you should probably re-evaluate your life.  If everything is perfect, you should think about who you’re screwing over.  No one’s life is perfect unless they’re shoving the short end of the stick down someone’s throat. If you’re satisfied, but would like to tweek a couple things, today is the day to re-examine your level of risk and take a leap. You can’t hit rewind, but you can make the rest of the game more interesting.  So, sit back in your favorite purple chaise lounge, evaluate, laugh, cry and…