Baby Daddy

If you want to know who’s your baby’s Daddy, why she’s cheating, the latest in healthcare or how to fix your life, there’s 60 minutes of television with your name on it. It’s National TV Talk Show Host Day!  Some viewers plan their schedules around their favorite daytime and evening talk shows.  It’s no wonder talk show hosts receive their own holiday. From the classiest (Oprah) to the trashiest (Steve Wilko) there is something to quench every thirst.  I don’t remember television without talk shows.  Some talk show hosts will never be forgotten, some have both tried and won and tried and failed, then there are those we wish would just stop.

Celebrate today with a little talk show marathon, trivia, or appearance.  It may be your turn to find out your husband is your Father-in-law’s sister.  On the low-key end, you can sit in your bedroom and pretend you’re on a talk show.  On the doing the most end, you and some friends can set up a live FB feed in the park and see what strangers dare to sit in your chair.  Remeber today is not necessarily about the shows, but the hosts themselves.  Who’s your favorite?  Post in the comments and…


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