From Hog Head Cheese to Oscar Mayer, it’s all baloney.  It’s National Bologna Day!  I don’t care if you were born a billionaire or one concrete block away from the gutter, you haven’t lived until you’ve eaten fried bologna.  The crispy burnt edge and warm center bring out all flavor from this tightly packed sausage.  Bologna or baloney, as it is commonly phonetically pronounced, was once a household name and a staple in any sandwich. When your bologna has a first name, you know it means business.

Originally part of the more refined diet, bologna can find its roots in the Italian sausage mortadella.   The Italian version looks a little different from American bologna since the USDA requires the black pepper, nutmeg, allspice, celery seed, coriander, myrtle berries, meat, raw skeletal muscle from livestock, fat, hearts, kidneys, poultry, dry milk, cereal, soy, and other ingredients be ground into an unrecognizable paste. Don’t let the smooth taste fool you or get you down. It’s a holiday, so celebrate with a bologna potluck.  There’s more than one way to serve this meat and some of it isn’t disgusting. Eat bologna and…


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