Time, Talents, Treasurers

It’s Saturday and most of us usually spend today thinking about ourselves or our children.  What can I cross off my “To Do” list today?  What do I need to do for the children; games, school projects, etc? How can I relax today? It’s Make a Difference Day, so think outside yourself.  What can you do for your community?

Make a Difference Day began in 1990 and, per USA Today, was birthed when a Leap Day fell on a Saturday and a group of people decided to help others with their extra day.  What can you do to help your community? Think deeper than excusing yourself from the room before you pass gas. Many community-based organizations thrive on volunteer support.  Celebrate today by spending your time, talents, and treasures helping others. Connect with an organization in your neighboorhood, make a difference and…


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