From Hog Head Cheese to Oscar Mayer, it’s all baloney.  It’s National Bologna Day!  I don’t care if you were born a billionaire or one concrete block away from the gutter, you haven’t lived until you’ve eaten fried bologna.  The crispy burnt edge and warm center bring out all flavor from this tightly packed sausage.  Bologna or baloney, as it is commonly phonetically pronounced, was once a household name and a staple in any sandwich. When your bologna has a first name, you know it means business.

Originally part of the more refined diet, bologna can find its roots in the Italian sausage mortadella.   The Italian version looks a little different from American bologna since the USDA requires the black pepper, nutmeg, allspice, celery seed, coriander, myrtle berries, meat, raw skeletal muscle from livestock, fat, hearts, kidneys, poultry, dry milk, cereal, soy, and other ingredients be ground into an unrecognizable paste. Don’t let the smooth taste fool you or get you down. It’s a holiday, so celebrate with a bologna potluck.  There’s more than one way to serve this meat and some of it isn’t disgusting. Eat bologna and…


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Baby Daddy

If you want to know who’s your baby’s Daddy, why she’s cheating, the latest in healthcare or how to fix your life, there’s 60 minutes of television with your name on it. It’s National TV Talk Show Host Day!  Some viewers plan their schedules around their favorite daytime and evening talk shows.  It’s no wonder talk show hosts receive their own holiday. From the classiest (Oprah) to the trashiest (Steve Wilko) there is something to quench every thirst.  I don’t remember television without talk shows.  Some talk show hosts will never be forgotten, some have both tried and won and tried and failed, then there are those we wish would just stop.

Celebrate today with a little talk show marathon, trivia, or appearance.  It may be your turn to find out your husband is your Father-in-law’s sister.  On the low-key end, you can sit in your bedroom and pretend you’re on a talk show.  On the doing the most end, you and some friends can set up a live FB feed in the park and see what strangers dare to sit in your chair.  Remeber today is not necessarily about the shows, but the hosts themselves.  Who’s your favorite?  Post in the comments and…



It’s all about color, not race.  It’s National Color Day!  Most of us are drawn more to one color over others.  Colors have an impact on how we feel, our mood, and some of our decisions.  What colors rock your world?  I’m totally purple, but I like orange too.  Celebrate by deciding what colors to throw up on that blank wall in your bedroom.  Today is a great day to discover what moves you, calms you, and colors you happy. Take a walk or visit the paint counter.  You may fall in love with a new color or a new shade of your favorite.  Have fun, be colorful and…



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You probably know a few blatherskites, if they cross your path today, join in. It’s National Babble Day! Babble, babble, babble to yourself, babble to others, babble by a babbling brook.   All you have to do to celebrate is talk rapidly and continuously in a foolish, excited, or incomprehensible way.  Some of you celebrate every day and don’t know it, but maybe you have a friend or coworker who is reading this post right now and thinking of you.

When I think of babbling, I immediately think of the Tower of Babel.  (It’s in the Bible, read it for yourself.) Some people think they have all the answers. The leaders of most countries know they have all the answers. Well, pride comes before the fall, but maybe peace comes before pride. I’m sure the Garden of Eden was peaceful. Just something to think about as we strive for world peace. Everything has its purpose, right? Babble and…


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Mash ’em

This one is on the books in recognition of National Brest Cancer Awareness Month, President Bill Clinton declared, not on his watch, and dubbed today National Mammography Day! 

If you’ve never had one and you’re scared, don’t be.  I’m a regular and they aren’t too bad at all. It’s a little uncomfortable, less invasive than a PAP, but nothing like a massage.  Think of it as a boob sandwich that can save your life.  I think the recommended age to start is 50.  I’m not fifty, no where near 50, but my mom had breast cancer in her 30’s, so I started early.  Be proactive and learn your family history.  Feel ’em on a regular, mash’em once a year, and…


Laughing or Crying?

154050_s203534289.pngWhen you think of your life thus far, which emotion best describes your thoughts? Whether you’re jumping for joy or crying like a baby, it’s time to celebrate.  It’s Evaluate Your Life Day! It’s also Get Smart About Your Credit Day, which should be a component of evaluating your life.

1426683_s1346268122.pngCelebrate by asking the important questions. Are things going well or are they in the clunker?  How satisfied are you with your life? If you’re broke, your friends hate you and even your Mama won’t let you sleep on her couch, you should probably re-evaluate your life.  If everything is perfect, you should think about who you’re screwing over.  No one’s life is perfect unless they’re shoving the short end of the stick down someone’s throat. If you’re satisfied, but would like to tweek a couple things, today is the day to re-examine your level of risk and take a leap. You can’t hit rewind, but you can make the rest of the game more interesting.  So, sit back in your favorite purple chaise lounge, evaluate, laugh, cry and…




sprayIf only menopause felt like a relaxing day at the beach, where you’re being rewarded for surviving womanhood.  Unfortunately, it’s just another chapter in the book of punishment for eating fruit.  I haven’t been there yet, but I hear it’s like an internal inferno made to destroy women with fire, hormones, and unwanted extra hair.  It’s World Menopause Day! 

Meet your doom with a fight.  If you’re premenopausal, celebrate today by researching information about your impending tropical storm (although I hear rain levels tend to dwindle).  Learn the symptoms, what to expect, and all the natural potions and concoctions that will ease the transition. If you’re menopausal, try some of the concoctions and join a prayer circle. If you’re post, celebrate by leading the prayer circle. Share your knowledge, experience, and sympathy about the menopausal journey most of us will take. Then enjoy the benefits. Your flower has blossomed and it can’t get pregnant.  Celebrate and…