Get Lost

By now, I think we should all agree we’ve been handicapped by technology.  Most of us don’t have 5 phone numbers memorized; 411, 911, your phone number growing up as a child, and your phone number, don’t count.  So that leaves, hopefully, your emergency contact, the last number you memorized before you became dependant on your cell phone, your work number, and unless she is also your emergency contact, your Mama’s number. Let’s not the let the GPS ruin our sense of direction.

It’s Marooned Without a Compass Day! Unless you have a compass app on your cell phone, this isn’t a device most of us carry daily. So, today is dedicated to perfecting your sense of direction.  How well do you know your city, town, state? Do you know which direction you’re driving without looking at the compass in your car?  Turn off the navigation system, get lost and find your way back home.  Pick a friend to visit or a location to meet a friend and get there without Suri or Alexa or Google Maps.  Test your own skills before you become totally dependant on your GPS. Technology isn’t the enemy, but it’s an enabler, so, before you become a full-blown addict, get lost and…