CPA, IRS, Money oh my

Remember when you were frustrated in math class and you thought to yourself, “I’m never going to use this stuff.” Well, if we’re celebrating you today, you’re definitely using this stuff. It’s International Accounting Day! Yes, accounting is an international event. It may not be obvious by the National Debt ceiling, that keeps getting raised, but accurate accounting is important.  It may be more obvious during tax season.  As we round out the year and corporations start releasing charitable tax write offs and fiscal years close, this may be the perfect time to get on your accountants good side. Celebrate them by 937665_m393018612.jpgsending a card, bouquet, fruit basket, or theatre tickets. I say celebrate them according to how late you are in filing your taxes. For example, if you are still gathering receipts for 2013, you probably owe them your first born, but since that kid is a tax right off, spring for tickets to the game instead. The truth is we all should be celebrating,  because until money starts growing on trees, we all need to be accountable. Unless you prefer an alternate lifestyle, celebrate an accountant or become one and…



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