Mount Up

It’s International Mountain Day and thankfully you don’t celebrate by climbing mountains.  The United Nations observers today to appreciate the contributions of mountains.   Mountains make up a good portion of the Earth’s surface and are home to many people, plants, and animals.  Mountains are also a source of drinking water and other natural resources.  An increase in the world’s carbon footprint and climate change threaten the stability of mountains and the lives of billions of people who live in mountain ranges. So, before you skip that emissions check or toss that recyclable water bottle on the ground, think of how you’re killing the world and make a different choice.

You can use today’s holiday as an opportunity to get deep and liken the necessity of physical mountains to the metaphoric ones in your life.  Maybe the mountains of your life are adding valuable natural resources like resilience, faith, and tolerance to your character.  Either way, we have to deal with real and metaphoric mountains, so drink some water, mount up and…


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