Draw a Monkey

One day, in the year 2000, while monkey-ing around at Michigan State University, Casey Sorrow drew a monkey on a friends calendar and thus we have the initiation of International Monkey Day!  Since the initiation of monkey day seems whimsical, it’s a wonder Monkey Day has become an international celebration.   What boggles me about Monkey Day is not knowing if Casey drew the monkey on today’s date or if today’s date is the day on the calendar Casey drew the monkey.  My mind is like a gerbil on a wheel. If you know the answer, please ease my mind.

There is a world out there where you can learn all about monkies. It’s called Monkey World. Celebrate today by fulfilling your monkey curiosity, dressing like a monkey, acting like a monkey and of course drawing a monkey on a calendar, but– on which date?!  Help and…