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It’s not a bird…

It’s a 300-ton flying machine and so today, on Orville Wright’s birthday, we celebrate Aviation Day! The Wright brothers came a long way from Icarus and his wax wings. Wilbur and Orville Wright are credited with inventing the first “controlled, sustained, powered” airplane to successfully take flight.  If it weren’t for the aerodynamic bits they got right, everyone else developing planes would not have had such a great idea to steal. Badaboom, badabing, fast forward and we still have planes falling from the sky, just not as often and for a variety of reason other than it’s never been done before.

Celebrate today by watching planes take off from a landing strip.  I recently did that on a beach in St. Marteen.  It was wonderful, but I’m sure that had more to do with the beach than the planes.  If you don’t have access to the beach on St. Marteen, visit your nearest airport or kickback on the couch and watch Airplane.  You’re sure to get some laughs although you won’t catch much wind (unless you’re eating beans, in which case, you may make some wind).  Catch some air and…


Today’s References: The Wright Brothers

Proses and Roses

As I look for the words to speak my mind,
I find them running away
Proses and Roses can’t convey
That I’m celebrating Bad Poetry Day!

What makes a poem bad?  My literary side is prepared to run off a list of errors and offenses that shame poetry.  The other side of me likens poetry to art, it’s all in the ear of the listener or the creator.  The truth in me says it’s lack of purpose, emotion, and style which brings us to today.  Today is for all the poets out there who know they have no business calling themselves poets.    If you have never scribed, have only scribed junk, and couldn’t put two words together even if they were written in the palm of your hands, you’re a bad poet and today is your holiday.

Celebrate by reciting and writing until your heart is content or the clock strikes midnight.   While today’s holiday encourages you to express yourself, I’m sure there will be someone asking you to stop.  Midnight is your deadline.  Enjoy the next 24 hours like you are the Poet Laureate.  Speak to everyone as if you are in a Shakespearian play. Answer questions like you’re trying to win a Slam contest.  Respond to requests with metaphors and rhyme.
Do all you can,
have fun and…



If your entire outfit costs $20 or less, you probably already know about today’s holiday, It’s National Thriftshop Day! Not to be confused with consignment shops, thrift stores offer a little bit of everything and I do me everything!!!  From wheelchairs to designer scarfs, it’s all marked down and waiting for you.  Some items are gently used and others are waiting for you to give them a second act.  I enjoy using thrift stores as my personal DIY shop, finding treasures aching for a revamp.   Every time I walk into a Goodwill, Restore Store, Salvation Army, or Value Village I feel like I’m on an episode of  Flea Market Flip.

If you’re anything like my sister, you’re already planning your budget-less celebration of today’s holiday.  If you’re anything like my mother, you’re going to celebrate today at every thrift store with the senior discount (yes, she wants discounts on discounts). If you’ve never been a thrift store patron, begin today.  And, while you’re fingering through the goods, remember most thrift stores help employ, educate, and train people who have been displaced.  Don’t let that bargain get away.   Shop, shop and…


(not for work)

Hunk a hunka

You either think he’s left the building or running game on a shuffle board in Miami, it’s Elvis Memorial Day!  I must admit, I don’t know much about his music or film career. He died before I was born and had reached the height of his career even earlier than that.  But, I do understand the level of dedication his fans have for his legacy.  He’s like the Beetles, Michael Jackson, Prince, Tupac, and Biggie (depending on your era).  All were greats in their own right, died too young and, with the exceptions of the Beetles, true fans are on the fence about whether or not they’ve actually left the building or took that magic potion from Death Becomes Her.

If you think he’s still in the building, celebrate today by going on a hunting mission to find Elvis.  If you think he lives on, only in memory, enjoy this evening planning a trip to Graceland and host an Elvis themed dinner party.  If you don’t know much about Elvis, today is a great day to discover his music, films, and fashion. Uh huh, uh huh and…


Today’s references: Mentalfloss, IMDB,


In the words of Tony! Toni! Toné!  just relax, relax, relax, it’s National Relaxation Day! If you’re like me, you’re at work on Relaxation Day, but that doesn’t mean we can’t relax.  Let’s mentally relax.  I’m not suggesting we vacate our minds and completely check out (especially if you work with heavy machinery).  I’m proposing we relax and don’t go into autopilot or overdrive. Let’s take our time completing every task and relieve ourselves of worry, anxiety, and angst.  If we can’t go to zen, let’s create our zen. However, if you do pull out a carpet, scented candles, and replace your chair with a pillow for today, please comment below, post pictures on FaceBook, hit me up on Twitter and Instagram.  I want to see!

If you’re in the other bucket, after work, celebrate with a massage, good book, a hobby hour, or anything else that makes you feel like Calgon just took you away.  Relax and…



Oranges and Cream

What’s orange and filled with cream?  (Here’s a clue) It’s not a puss filled sunburned pimple.  It’s National Creamsicle Day!  A Dessert Deferred, invented by an 11-year-old, Frank Epperson, in 1905, it would be 29 years before his Popsicle was patented and shared with the world. Today the greatly appreciated tasty Creamsicle flavoring is in everything from gum to cocktails.  Celebrate today by having a Creamsicle flavored smorgasbord.  Have fun and…


Today’s references: The Nibble,

To the left, to the left.

Today we celebrate all our friends who can’t get right.  It’s Left Hander’s Day!  Through my research, I found a lot of information on the Southpaw group.  Some good, some not so good, some, helpful, some depressing, some fact, and some superstitious.  My grand conclusion is lefties live in a right-handed world and make the most of the left hand they were dealt.  Just ask Oprah.

Celebrate today with a leftie.  Try living in their world and doing everything with your left hand.  I imagine using the toilet will be very interesting, well, not using it, wiping afterward.   You can share your left-handed experiences in the comments section below.  I’ll read them.  If you’re a lefty and you’re looking for your people, here’s a famous list of lefties.  Have fun and…


Today’s references: Indiana University Bloomington