Chain Story

The rules are simple.  Add a few sentences to the story following the comment prior to yours and at the end of the month, I’ll post the entire collaborative work.  Relieve some stress, have fun, and let your creative juices flow, together.  

I tasted the orange juice to see if it had sat in the sun too long.  

(Your turn...)


2 thoughts on “Chain Story”

  1. It had, so I poured out the contents in my glass onto the lawn. To his glass, I added ginger-ale and a few drops of clear liquid from the little brown jar I had hidden in my lace bra.


  2. He noticed the change in color, volume, and bubbles in his glass.
    “Try it. You’ll like it.”
    He smiled and reached for the glass, “Smells, like berries.”
    “It’s supposed to.”


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