Laugh, it’s Presidential Joke Day!  I know what you’re thinking and before you go getting your Republicans in a bunch, Presidential Joke Day doesn’t mean what you think it means.  It’s not about telling presidential jokes or discussing your joke of a President. Presidential Joke Day celebrates Presidents with a sense of humor.  I’m not certain Donald J Trump fits that bill.  Maybe that’s the real reason he didn’t attend the annual Correspondence Dinner.

The story goes, On August 11th, 1984 before his regular Saturday radio address, President Ronald Reagan was testing the microphone. Jokingly, he said, “My fellow Americans, I am pleased to tell you I just signed legislation which outlaws Russia forever. The bombing begins in five minutes.” To his surprise, he was speaking live on the air. Celebrate today by getting a few more Presidential laughs.  You can look at the video below or follow Trump on Twitter.  Have fun and…


Lazy, Boy!

I would love to say I’m just getting around to writing this post because I’ve been off celebrating today’s holiday, it’s National Lazy Day, but I haven’t.  I’ve been working. Today was a very busy day.  I would also like to say I’m going to celebrate this evening, but the truth is, I’ll probably have to postpone the celebration a few more hours. However, this weekend, I’ll be this guy.


If you can celebrate this evening or for the next 20 years without going bankrupt, I suggest you do so.  While you’re celebrating, eat some ice cream and marathon watch The Walking Dead for me. Have fun and…


Tis Art

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Luckily when it comes to art, Webster’s Dictionary gives us constraints.   It’s International Art Appreciation Day and before we go admiring any old thing off the street, let’s define the terms.  According to Webster’s, art, for our purpose, is the conscious use of skill and creative imagination especially in the production of aesthetic objects the art of painting landscapesalso :  works so produced a gallery for modern art and decorative or illustrative elements in printed matter.” 

“The conscious use of skill…” this means that while little Billy and Sara’s finger paints and stick figures are cute, they clearly lack the skill for today’s holiday.  Spare others from giving you fake compliments while you painfully show them piece after piece from your kindergartner.  Likewise, this is also extended to your two-minute career in watercolors and pottery.

Celebrate today according to your budget.  On the low end, visit a free museum, admire street art, or borrow a library book full of artwork you can’t afford.  If you’re in the middle, support a local starving artist at a street fair. On the high end, go buck wild and invest for the future.  At an level have fun and…


The Produce Bandit

If having a green thumb is your super power and you’ve gone a little overboard this season, grab your cape and celebrate Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Night!  Has your garden been overwhelmingly fruitful this harvest? Spread the wealth and be a vegetable superhero, spreading wholesome produce one doorstep at a time.  You can keep it casual and stroll door to door this evening leaving little bags of green veggies, but why not make it interesting.  I say, spend the early part of the evening developing a costume.  I’m thinking a cape (of course) with a sequence zucchini on it, green tights and a light saber (you never know where danger lurks, especially when delivering vegetables).   Dash around corners and fly up and down porches, leaping fences in a single bound, delivering brown baggies of goodness.  Spread the roughage, iron, and vitamins, one long, green zucchini at a time.  Have fun and…


The light

Today we celebrate the original GPS and radar of the high seas.  It’s National Lighthouse Day.   The oldest known lighthouse stood 450 feet and was build between 300 and 280 B.C. in Egypt.  Lighthouses were very important to maritime life and have saved thousands of lives throughout history.  Today most lighthouses are either museums, points of interest or private homes (for someone crazy about stairs).  There are many lighthouse societies across the globe intent on preserving the history and nostalgia of lighthouses.

Celebrate today by visiting a lighthouse, making a lighthouse out of clay, or going to the beach, sticking a flashlight in your mouth, spinning around, and pretending to be a light house.  If you aren’t committed, consider your mission successful.  Have fun and…


Today’s reference: United States Lighthouse Society, Boston Globe


If you open your mouth and two words come to mind; Hali and tosis, you should start bad-breathcelebrating National Fresh Breath Day! Never underestimate the power of a clean mouth. It’s difficult to closely associate with people toting dragon breath.  Whispering, hugging, and heartfelt belly fulls of laughter become difficult in a hostile breath environment.  If this is you or someone you know, intervene and stop the humility immediately.

Bad breath can originate from poor food choices, poor hygiene choices or plain old bad genes.  The consequences of ignoring the problem can be terminal to your health, personal and professional life. So, celebrate by doing all you can to combat this epidemic in yourself or with others.  Brush your teeth at least twice a day, whether the sting of mouthwash and see your dentist regularly.  Mini oral hygiene gift bags are appropriate giveaways for today.  Brush, swish, spit, repeat and…


Today’s References: WebMD


Unmentionables have come a long way.  They’re more colorful, more versatile, and cover much less than they used to cover.  Unless you’re Mormon, then they’ve pretty much stayed the same.  But, if your garments are flashy and you know it, celebrate National Underwear Day!

Today (hopefully, every day if you wear them) put on a fresh pair and flaunt them if you want to.  Celebrated Annually with fashion shows, pop-up shops, and public almost nakedness, National Underwear Day gets plenty of recognition.  Show you’re secure in your body and walk the street half dressed.  Or you can wear your underwear on the outside of your clothing and make an entirely different fashion statement.  Whatever, you do, celebrate in style with the cute non-period panties, and the special, boxer briefs without the extra personally made holes.  Keep it clean and…


Celebrating the art of writing.