In the words of Tony! Toni! Toné!  just relax, relax, relax, it’s National Relaxation Day! If you’re like me, you’re at work on Relaxation Day, but that doesn’t mean we can’t relax.  Let’s mentally relax.  I’m not suggesting we vacate our minds and completely check out (especially if you work with heavy machinery).  I’m proposing we relax and don’t go into autopilot or overdrive. Let’s take our time completing every task and relieve ourselves of worry, anxiety, and angst.  If we can’t go to zen, let’s create our zen. However, if you do pull out a carpet, scented candles, and replace your chair with a pillow for today, please comment below, post pictures on FaceBook, hit me up on Twitter and Instagram.  I want to see!

If you’re in the other bucket, after work, celebrate with a massage, good book, a hobby hour, or anything else that makes you feel like Calgon just took you away.  Relax and…



Oranges and Cream

What’s orange and filled with cream?  (Here’s a clue) It’s not a puss filled sunburned pimple.  It’s National Creamsicle Day!  A Dessert Deferred, invented by an 11-year-old, Frank Epperson, in 1905, it would be 29 years before his Popsicle was patented and shared with the world. Today the greatly appreciated tasty Creamsicle flavoring is in everything from gum to cocktails.  Celebrate today by having a Creamsicle flavored smorgasbord.  Have fun and…


Today’s references: The Nibble,

To the left, to the left.

Today we celebrate all our friends who can’t get right.  It’s Left Hander’s Day!  Through my research, I found a lot of information on the Southpaw group.  Some good, some not so good, some, helpful, some depressing, some fact, and some superstitious.  My grand conclusion is lefties live in a right-handed world and make the most of the left hand they were dealt.  Just ask Oprah.

Celebrate today with a leftie.  Try living in their world and doing everything with your left hand.  I imagine using the toilet will be very interesting, well, not using it, wiping afterward.   You can share your left-handed experiences in the comments section below.  I’ll read them.  If you’re a lefty and you’re looking for your people, here’s a famous list of lefties.  Have fun and…


Today’s references: Indiana University Bloomington

What was her name?

middlechildbrothersWas it Jan?  The middle child from the Brady Bunch?  All I remember is her whining Marsha’s name like a mantra.  Boo hoo hoo, you’re number two. It’s National Middle Child Day and as the Best Favorite Cousin of a middle child, I can tell you they really think this is a thing.  Not only is it a thing, there are subsects of being the middle child. Apparently, the syndrome and experience are different for males versus females and where you fall in the sibling line.  If you are the exact middle, such as 3rd of 5, that is different than being 7th of 9 or 2nd of 7.  I don’t get it.  Middle children get to be the oldest and youngest at the same time. It seems like the best of both worlds to me.

Celebrate today by giving a middle child some attention, PLEASE!!!!  If you are a mother, father, or sibling of a middle child, lay it on thick.  They only get this day once a year, so there is no such thing as too much.  Call them for no reason, take them to lunch, cook them dinner, send them “I was thinking of you flowers.”  Do whatever it takes, so you don’t have to hear their middle child grievances at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Pull out the gift card you got from work and splurge.  Have fun and…



Laugh, it’s Presidential Joke Day!  I know what you’re thinking and before you go getting your Republicans in a bunch, Presidential Joke Day doesn’t mean what you think it means.  It’s not about telling presidential jokes or discussing your joke of a President. Presidential Joke Day celebrates Presidents with a sense of humor.  I’m not certain Donald J Trump fits that bill.  Maybe that’s the real reason he didn’t attend the annual Correspondence Dinner.

The story goes, On August 11th, 1984 before his regular Saturday radio address, President Ronald Reagan was testing the microphone. Jokingly, he said, “My fellow Americans, I am pleased to tell you I just signed legislation which outlaws Russia forever. The bombing begins in five minutes.” To his surprise, he was speaking live on the air. Celebrate today by getting a few more Presidential laughs.  You can look at the video below or follow Trump on Twitter.  Have fun and…


Lazy, Boy!

I would love to say I’m just getting around to writing this post because I’ve been off celebrating today’s holiday, it’s National Lazy Day, but I haven’t.  I’ve been working. Today was a very busy day.  I would also like to say I’m going to celebrate this evening, but the truth is, I’ll probably have to postpone the celebration a few more hours. However, this weekend, I’ll be this guy.


If you can celebrate this evening or for the next 20 years without going bankrupt, I suggest you do so.  While you’re celebrating, eat some ice cream and marathon watch The Walking Dead for me. Have fun and…


Tis Art

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Luckily when it comes to art, Webster’s Dictionary gives us constraints.   It’s International Art Appreciation Day and before we go admiring any old thing off the street, let’s define the terms.  According to Webster’s, art, for our purpose, is the conscious use of skill and creative imagination especially in the production of aesthetic objects the art of painting landscapesalso :  works so produced a gallery for modern art and decorative or illustrative elements in printed matter.” 

“The conscious use of skill…” this means that while little Billy and Sara’s finger paints and stick figures are cute, they clearly lack the skill for today’s holiday.  Spare others from giving you fake compliments while you painfully show them piece after piece from your kindergartner.  Likewise, this is also extended to your two-minute career in watercolors and pottery.

Celebrate today according to your budget.  On the low end, visit a free museum, admire street art, or borrow a library book full of artwork you can’t afford.  If you’re in the middle, support a local starving artist at a street fair. On the high end, go buck wild and invest for the future.  At an level have fun and…