Who love writers…

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  As a fiction and opinionated writer, I depend on your insatiable need to indulge in the imagination of writers.  Your attention and dedication to 150 words or 350 pages give reciprocal purpose to my insatiable need to write.   I’d type, or write, the alphabet over and over (in fact, I sometimes do) just because I like writing.  Thank goodness, I have an imagination too, because beyond first grade there is hardly anyone interested in reading abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz over and over, no matter how many fonts I explore.

That’s why I’ve dedicated as much space to readers as writers and I hope readers who are writers will also contribute.  If you’re so inclined give the Chain Story or a Challenge a try.  If you’re not so inclined and purely see writing as a spectator sport, there is plenty to choose from and more to come!

Celebrating Today

Everyone loves a holiday, right!  Well, so many go unnoticed and I decided in 2017, I would celebrate some of the lesser known holidays throughout the year.   Almost every day has a holiday, so why not find a reason to celebrate every day!

Fake News

My nod to ratchedness.  I figure, if they’re going to put it out there, the least I can do is report on it with my engaging and witty sense of humor.  These fictional fantastic news reports are my take on the ratched picks of the day.  Enjoy in good fun.

The Shorts

These won’t be all comedy, but they will be interesting and may incorporate some of the dark sides of my mind, but they will be short stories to ride your emotions.

Because You Said So…

A high school girlfriend of mine and I used to play a game where she would give me 5 objects and I turned them into a story.  You control the writing, by giving me a few suggestions and I turn them into a story because you said so.   Let’s see where your webbed mind takes us.

Violets are Blue

In case it isn’t obvious, this is where you can read my poetry and/or spoken word.  I don’t think I have any that begin with “Violets are blue,” but who knows what the future holds!

Celebrating the art of writing.

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