These and Thous

Thees and Thous is dedicated to writers and the readers that love them.

I’m a writer, part-time procrastinator, and serial multitasker.  I wanted to create a space that forces me to indulge in writing every day, allows me to explore the many ideas that cross my mind, challenges me, and affords me the opportunity to collaborate and mix with other writers while entertaining readers.  Thees and Thous is my writing sandbox.  Play with me.

Sometimes I find it difficult to write because I’m preoccupied with other things; things, I’m often less passionate about, but tasks that seem more important to complete; like unloading the dishwasher, doing my taxes, or helping a friend declutter their living room.  These tasks seem more important, because they are things I’m expected to do, required to do, or they directly involve helping someone else, but they keep me from writing.  And, although I enjoy helping friends declutter and doing my taxes (LOL), I needed to make sure I wrote every day.  Hence the creation of my tribute to the evolving art of writing;

For Writers who want to write.

I invite you to write with me.  Even when the desire is there, sometimes the thoughts aren’t and sometimes writing should be a group sport.  Challenges are the creative sports arena for writers.  Be inspired by my Story of the Month or try a writing challenge to ignite your next idea. I never know what’s going to inspire me, but I always know when I’m inspired. 

For Readers who love writers. 

I feel readers, real readers, are becoming a lost breed.  I mean, once you learn to read you can never look at a word and not read it, but I run into fewer and fewer people who read instead of playing video games or kicking back for a Netflix marathon.   I understand reading the mail, bills, warranties and tax information can leave your eyes bloodshot. And, I know with Twitter (on which you can follow me) and other arenas to mind fart 150 characters, has our attention spans get shorter and shorter.  If you like to read and you like to read a variety of funny sometimes witty entertaining fictional pieces, poems or ramblings, you should enjoy Thees and Thous.  There are a variety of things to read and plenty of space to give your two cents.  Follow Thees and Thous and have an eye vacation at your fingertips. Share Thees and Thous and have an eye vacation with friends.

Celebrating the art of writing.

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