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As you keep the doctor away munching on an apple today, remember the tree it came from and celebrate.  It’s Johnny Appleseed Day!  John Chapman, American folk hero and actual person was an Evangelist and trained nurseryman who planted apple tree nurseries as he traveled the states with his brother.  Traveling the states in the 1792 is relative, so his trees where mostly planted in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, West Virginia and even parts of Ontario. It’s possible his nurseries contributed to the variety of American apples available today.  Most of his trees, however, garnered small tart apples that were mostly picked to make cider, which is why after Prohibition, many of them were chopped down.

Johnny Appleseed was so devoted to his beliefs that he led a simple life, never married, and never had children.  Celebrate today according to your faith, your faith in cider.  Eat apple themed meals, like cider and apple pies or cider and pork chops, or cider.  Have friends and family over, dress like nomads, drink cider, and…


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