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Is your boss getting on your nerves today? Have you had it up to here with that coworker you wish would just quit already? Was that last email your last straw? It sounds like you’re ready to celebrate I Want to Start My Own Business Day!

caution-1776643_640Whoa, Nelly!  Before you get all pumped up and march to your manager’s office or press send on your resignation email, think things all the way through.  While running a successful business can feel gratifying and like a real boss move, starting one can feel a little different, terrifyingly different.  If you have the innovation, ideas, ambition, and resilience to make that move, by all means, make it, just don’t put all your eggs in one basket.  Put some eggs in the “now bills” basket, the “emergency” basket, and the “once in a lifetime dream concert” basket.  You never know what may come up while you’re waiting for the “my own business” eggs to hatch.  Celebrate today by starting at square one of your new business adventure.  If you aren’t interested in starting your own business, today is a great day to lend your talents and help an entrepreneur you know start theirs.  Have fun and…



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It’s Hug Your Boss Day and although this sounds like a directive, it’s really a suggestion to evaluate your work environment.  Brought to you by Tip Top Job, an international online recruitment resource whose mantra is, “if you can’t hug your boss, you may want to find another job!” I suggest you don’t take today’s holiday lightly.  Depending on your profession, you spend at least 30 hours a week of your waking hours at work and if you don’t like your boss, those can be 30 plus hours of fire and brimstone. While some bosses realize happy employees are the best employees, some let their fears, ambitions, and shitty dispositions impede on their ability to be effective leaders.  Is your boss from column A or column B?  If you’re working for a Boss that’s B, it may be time to dust off your resume, update a few things, and search for 30 plus hours a week of enjoyment. It may even be time to start your own business or chuck it all and move to a remote island where trading shells is preferred to money (I don’t know where that is, but let me know if you find it). The bottom line is life really is short.  The boss may be the boss, but they don’t have to be yours. Think on it and…



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Not a Slumdog!

Celebrate today like a B-O-S-S! It’s Be a Millionaire Day and why not?!  I already man-2290591_640know all the unnecessary stuff and extravagant services I’m going to buy!

Today only comes once a year.  You can celebrate today one of two ways: realistically or unrealistically.  Either way, I’m not responsible for the repercussions of your decisions, but I am accepting donations for my savvy advice.

horse-473093_640Take today to be responsible.  Examine your finances and rearrange your portfolio.  If you think this has something to do with your photo albums, take a step back.  Open up a bank account and get out of the check cashing line.  Snowball down your debt and invest in a mutual fund.  Step up your employment game and take those Pheonix classes you’ve been flirting with.  Write down the vision for your life and a plan to make it a reality.  Ask yourself, how will I make my first million?  Hopefully, it won’t involve a lawsuit and a compromised body part.  But, if it does, that’s your choice.  Pace yourself.  Today is day one of your first million.

“If you’re already a millionaire, inbox me for additional tips.” 

unicorn-2001372_640.pngBall-Till-You-Fall! You may not be Rick James, but you’re Rich, B#^$%! Rent a Tesla for the day! Eat out wherever you want and let the chips fall where they may. You may be homeless tomorrow, but today ain’t tomorrow.  Money is flowing like honey and you are BALLIN’!  Get your hair done, feet done, everything done. Take out a front page ad and have it printed in 24 inches, “First Class Everythang!”  Today only comes once a year and you better act a fool with it!

Whatever you do, remember tomorrow is Waiters and Waitresses Day!  You can just get a job and make that money back two-fold!!!


Tweed, not Tweet!

jacket_tweed_3How fitting that today is Tweed Day!  Not because you are stunting in your tweed jacket, but because it’s “Politics Gone Wild” out here.  Rather than calling attention to your sophisticated sense of style, Tweed Day is calling you to pay attention to politics and the possible corruption taking place.

“Boss Tweed” born, William Magear Tweed, is most known for stealing millions of dollars from New York City in the mid-1800, while serving in a political office and as the “Boss” of Tammany Hall.  Get the entire story from Wikipedia or Biography. That’s not what I do here.  But, stealing millions of dollars in the 1800’s is like a billion dollars today, right.   So, the point of today is not to celebrate this crook, but to remind us to get involved in our local, state, and the federal government.  I suggest you:

  1. Find a cause you are passionate about and join a local activists organization of like minded people trying to make a difference.  It’s not enough to complain on Facebook and Twitter.  Who are you, Donald Trump?  You’ll never get anything done that way.
  2.  Know more about U.S. government than the most recent legal immigrants.  Refresh your basic government knowledge.  There are three branches of government and Washington D.C. is not a state, although they would like to be.   I found this video to help you out – Introduction: Crash Course U.S. Government and Politics.  This guy is funny and informed!
  3. Watch the news once a week, so you don’t become the physical manifestation of “duh” in the next political conversation you accidentally wander into trying to get to the food tray at a social function.
  4. Finally, if you are of age, please register to vote.  It does matter and I can’t believe I still find myself having this conversation with adults.

As individual citizens, we can feel very removed from politics, but we don’t have to be. When we come together, our voices matter.   Just read the Consitution and think about how some of those amendments got there.  It wasn’t because people sat around wishing for a change to come.

Let’s do better.  Otherwise, we’ll wind up with an inexperienced celebrity as our next president.