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Do it, now.

No, it’s not your mother’s voice in your head, just us celebrating Fight Procrastination Day!  If procrastinating gives you hives, today is your day.  If procrastination is your happy place, you may struggle a little (I am).  Today is the day to get up and get moving! Check your “To Do” list off with a vengeance.  Fight procrastination with strong coffee, prioritizing by importance or ease, breaking big projects into a few smaller projects, and maybe enlisting the help of an accountability partner.   I’m sure you’ll feel better knowing you’ve accomplished something even if it means you had to break a sweat. Check it off and…


Hand writing So Many Things in To Do List, vector concept

Time is Art

You’re going to have to pull out your kumbayah and crystals for this holiday.  Today is Day Out of Time Day and we’re not just in a different time, we are in a different calendar, the 13 moon calendar.   I don’t know too much about this, so I’m not going to linger here long, but the general idea is Peace through Culture and that’s a theme I can support.

Gather today and celebrate by discussing culture and the oneness art can bring.  Peace, love and moonbeams can be today’s motto.  I feel the showers of acceptance shimmering over my body right now.   Don’t get offended or overly caught up.  There are many people who want peace and harmony in the world, but everybody’s peace and harmony isn’t what you want.  Find your center, rub your belly, pat your head and…




Whatever your guilty pleasure is, today you can indulge guilt free!!!  It’s National Junk Food Day!  Since this is a National holiday, I think it is safe to say we all have a weakness for some sort of junk food.  Burgers, fries, nachos, candy, chocolate, chips, the list is almost endless.  I personally, I think we should reconsider the definition of junk food, especially while I’m on this cruise.

Junk food is currently defined as food high in calories with little nutritional value.  I say it should be redefined as food people would rather junk than eat.  That makes the most sense to me.  Then all other food will just be food.  Celebrate today eating a little of everything you like.  Now, like I’ve said before, don’t get stupid.  If chocolate is going to cause your throat to swell, don’t eat chocolate.  If chips will send you into a diabetic coma, put down the UTZ.  Maybe you can just sniff a freshly opened bag or eat something else.  I’m certain you have options.  Eat well for enjoyment and your health.




How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?  If you don’t know the answer, you can find out today.  It is Lollipop Day!  Treat yourself to a ball of sugar on a stick.  Lollipops are the favorite bribe of dentists who like repeat customers.   And with the variety available, you’re bound to find the perfect fit for your next cavity.

Of course, you can celebrate by eating a dozen lollipops and seeking out your all time favorites, but you can also get creative and find a recipe to make your own.  Feed that sweet tooth and…


$1,000 per pound

Get ready to celebrate today by shelling out the big bucks.  It’s National Caviar Day! High-end brands will cost you about $1,000 per pound.  To paraphrase a line from one of my favorite movies, “How much can I get or ten cents?”   For obvious reasons, these salted fish eggs or roe are considered a delicacy.  I’ve had caviar, not the good kind because I’ve never put out $1,000 for anything that didn’t have a motor, a mortgage or an Intel processor.

If you can afford it, celebrate in style and throw a glamours caviar tasting party.  If you can’t afford it, just eat fish.  I mean, it used to be caviar.  Eat well and…




If you did it right, you were her first love and the man who will never leave her heart.  If you’re able, spend some quality time together and celebrate Father-Daughter Take a Walk Together Day! 619-03683303

My Daddy definitely did it right and if he were here I know we’d take a walk today.  If you’re not in my boat, celebrate your special bond with a walk by the lake, on the beach, or down the street.  You don’t need a fancy park setting to indulge.   Roll the wheelchair or strut your stuff, it’s not how you go that matters.  If distance is your issue and not the metaphysical kind, you can still walk, just bring your cell phones and convo through the airwaves.  Reminisce about old times or plan some new ones.  If your Father-Daughter relationship is a little bruised, today is an opportunity to start healing.  It’s better to try when you’re alive than to call Miss Cleo later.

If you’re in my boat and you want to celebrate, but can’t, you can watch Shirley Temple in The Little Princess and ball your eyes out like me.  I know this seems sad and it is, but sometimes I get a little joy from the sad things too.  Love each other and…



Fried eggs anyone?

It’s summer and it’s hot, but how hot is it?  Is it hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk? Well, there are some people who know the answer to that questions. It’s Sidewalk Egg Frying Day and not only is it a holiday, it’s a competition.   Down in Arizona where it’s known to be hot, people gather on the 4th of July for more than fireworks.  At high noon, folks assemble, on Route 66, to see who can fry an egg on the sidewalk in 15 minutes.

According to Bill Nye the Science Guy, you can cook an egg on the sidewalk at 130 hothothotdegrees Fahrenheit, in about 20 minutes.  But what do you do when it isn’t 130 degrees outside and you only have 15 minutes?  You get creative! At least they do in Arizona. Forming space like egg carrying contraptions and homemade solar panels, contestants compete to cook the perfect fried egg first.

Celebrate today, by trying this trick at home on your own sidewalk.  I wouldn’t suggest flipping it on your plate when the competition is over, but I would recommend hosing down the area. Over cooked eggs on concrete can’t smell pretty.  Fry up and…


fried egg contest

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