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All About You, Boo.

Walk a mile in  your shoes, it’s Put on Your Own Shoes Day!  No need to update social media about the real you.  Today can be a private celebration.  Celebrate by being you, your authentic self.  Look in the mirror and see who you are.

Self-evaluate and answer the tough questions.  Are you walking in your purpose? Are you nurturing your talents and exercising your gifts? If you’re stuck, lost, and don’t recognize the wasteful, mean, diminished, idiot you’ve become. Find, refocus, and embrace yourself. It’s not too late.  Break out the vision board (pen and paper will do) and press reset on your ambition.  It’s all about you, Boo. Chin up and…



You should be able to celebrate today without thinking!  It’s National Use Your Common Sense Day!   Why today? Well, it may not be common knowledge, but today is the birthday of film actor Will Rogers, who commonly said, “Common sense ain’t that common.” I’m sure we all know someone who couldn’t celebrate today even if they studied in advance, which, they should have been doing.  You don’t have to be a genius to celebrate, you just have to be common.  Live a common life and have common experiences.  I say we rename today, “Don’t Do Anything Dumb Day.”  Spend today exercising sound practical judgment that doesn’t require any special knowledge, training or skill. I like how Dictionary.com says, “…normal native intelligence.”  I guess that depends on what you’re native to.  Celebrating should come naturally, but if you see someone giving you the side-eye today, you’re probably not celebrating. Have fun and…



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Fake Sweet

Move your belt back a bit and get ready to celebrate National Dessert Day!  Of all the days dedicated to celebrating food, I know this is someone’s favorite. Dessert can be anything from fruit to the most ooey gooey caramelly.  Celebrate responsibly.  If you’re diabetic or one cheesecake shy of death, you should be celebrating on the fruit end of the spectrum.

I’m placing myself somewhere between fruit and a sugar-free no bake cookie.  Yum! There’s nothing better than a fake sweet cake.  Pour out a sundae for me and…





Eat Grandma

Today matters more than you think and especially when you’re penning words to paper. You may not notice as much when you speak even though it is subconsciously present.  It’s Punctuation Day! Some may find this subject cringe-worthy, believe me, when all is said and done, you’ll be happier being understood.  Celebrate today by annoyingly and deliberately saying your punctuation aloud during conversations.  When asked why you’re doing it.  Respond by pointing them to this post and reminding them that proper punctuation saves jobs, lives, and relationships.  It also ends them, too.





sphynx-814164_1920If you’re almost there and you know it, today may be the day to go all the way.  It’s Bald is Beautiful Day!  I assume this holiday is strictly pertaining to the hair on top of your head.  Both men and women are at risk of falling into the balding bucket, so this is a unisex holiday.  Look in the mirror and don’t shy away from the truth.  Are you balding? Are you bald?  Whether by choice or by nature, if you’re in the club, we salute you.  If you cry at Rogaine commercials and from time to time run your fingers through your phantom hair, this is your holiday. Your bald is beautiful and currently in fashion.  Hair is a thing of the past and you’re embracing now. Whatever you do give the baseball caps, toupees, and comb-overs a break today. If you’re supporting the cause, celebrate by rubbing a bald head (with permission, of course). If you’re almost there, celebrate by joining the bald club.  If you’re already in, celebrate by letting your bald shine. You’re bald and you’re beautiful.  Get your bald on and…




Is your boss getting on your nerves today? Have you had it up to here with that coworker you wish would just quit already? Was that last email your last straw? It sounds like you’re ready to celebrate I Want to Start My Own Business Day!

caution-1776643_640Whoa, Nelly!  Before you get all pumped up and march to your manager’s office or press send on your resignation email, think things all the way through.  While running a successful business can feel gratifying and like a real boss move, starting one can feel a little different, terrifyingly different.  If you have the innovation, ideas, ambition, and resilience to make that move, by all means, make it, just don’t put all your eggs in one basket.  Put some eggs in the “now bills” basket, the “emergency” basket, and the “once in a lifetime dream concert” basket.  You never know what may come up while you’re waiting for the “my own business” eggs to hatch.  Celebrate today by starting at square one of your new business adventure.  If you aren’t interested in starting your own business, today is a great day to lend your talents and help an entrepreneur you know start theirs.  Have fun and…



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King Kong

King Kong needs something to sit on, but that’s not exactly why we celebrate Skyscraper Day. Today is the day to enjoy the beauty and practical uses of skyscrapers. More than being the backdrop to movies, skyscrapers allow cities to grow tall when they can’t grow wide.  Smart engineering and an artistic eye have designed some extraordinarily beautiful skyscrapers with over 160 stories.  Architects battle for height like men battle for length, so celebrate today by admiring their handy work and stroking a few egos. Visit a skyscraper near you and take a tour. Go up, go down, go all around and…