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Onion’s Cousin

Today we celebrate a relative of the onion and the chive.  It’s Garlic Day!  This vegetable, known for its flavor and holistic healing powers is a compliment to most culinary delights.   Its medicinal super powers include fighting off colds and flu, lowering plaque build up in arteries, reducing cholesterol, fungal and yeast infections, blood pressure, and decreasing clot formation.

Now, not to bring up the darkness, but it must be mentioned that garlic also wards off evil spirits and vampires.  I’ve never tested this theory, but it can definitely put a damper on a good-night kiss.  You should find out who your true friends are and celebrate today with a Garlic-themed Potluck dinner. Will they bring a dish or just their appetite? Are they down for you or just your blood type? Eat well, be well, and…






21 Questions

Today we celebrate one of the professions that support our need to know.  It’s National Columnists Day!  Yeeeeaaaahhh!!!  While this profession will probably never fade away it has definitely made evolutions as times have changed.  From Dear Abby to Uncle Stevie, columnists are the perfect mix of facts, opinions, humor, and sometimes annoyance.   Unlike journalists who try to keep their opinions to themselves, columnists usually freely share their bias. More than just giving information, columnists give personality with their point of view. Whether you agree with them or not, it’s nice to feel you know the person behind the print.


Of course, Bloggers count!  

Not all blogs count…LOL…, but Bloggers are a new generation of columnists.  The jury is still out on Twitters.  I’m on the “No” side of the court.  If you disagree, let me know why in the comments.  I’m open for discussion.

And now a moment of recognition for my favorite, flawed, and fictional columnist, Carrie Bradshaw.  Celebrate today by reading a column or blog or at least watching one on T.V.  Ask questions and give opinionated answers based on facts.




Blah, Blah, Blah…

It’s Blah, Blah, Blah Day and even though it sounds like this is the day you get to ignore all the things people say to you that you don’t want to hear, it’s not. Today is the day to check off that “To Do” list one by one.  You know, the list that you keep rewriting, adding to, and changing.  That list that other people are nagging you to complete, that you plan on doing, just not at the moment.  It’s the “Honey Do List” or New Year’s Resolutions that you haven’t completed or started, as the case may be.

My Blah, Blah, Blah list consists of DIY projects at the houses of me, my mom, my sister, and my aunt, exercising daily (again), yard work, washing my hair and the dogs, and oh yeah, organizing everything.

What’s on your list?  If taxes should happen to fall on your list, I suggest you do that first. Blah, Blah, Blah and…




old_librarian.pngIt is National Librarian Day!  In my research, I discovered this position has been in existence since the 8th century.   Nationally stereotyped as the old lady always telling us to, “Be quiet,” there is more to librarians than meets the eye.  I’m not referring to the teenager who works there part-time returning books to their shelves. I’m referring to the person with the master’s degree in Library Science or the person who knows the Dewy Decimal System like you know the details of your favorite television show.  Libraries, full of information and books can seem a bit overwhelming, but librarians help us sort through it all.

If your most recent library trip memory includes thumbing through the card catalog, it’s been too long.   A lot has changed.  It is important to keep libraries in business and librarians employed.  So, visit your local library at least once a month or at the very least, once a quarter.  Every day free information is sitting there waiting to be discovered by you.  But, if opening a book makes you break out into hives, the library offers classes, children’s activities, seminars, workshops, hosts community events, has computer stations, free wifi, and even free movie rentals.  There is so much to do, just ask a librarian!

Celebrate by visiting a library and maybe taking some flowers for the staff, a card, or just thanking them in person.   It’s Resurrection Sunday so they may be closed, but I’m sure they’ll be grateful Monday, too.  Read up and …



Well, it’s Husband Appreciation Day and if you remember from yesterday, I haven’t one of those, so I’m celebrating Rubber Eraser Day instead.  After my fabulous wedding, I’ll circle back to Husband Appreciation Day 2018.

Happy Rubber Eraser Day!

Today we celebrate the invention or discovery of the eraser, a great invention, we have all used.  It’s only had a few really spectacular design moments: 1) when Joseph Prieslty discovered it in 1770, 2) when Hyman Lipman put it at the end of a pencil, and 3) if you count when they first started making scented erasers.  I count it.  Celebrate today by writing uninhibited, with a pencil, and erasing til your heart is content.

To err is human, to erase is divine!

728px-Woman-cartoonIf only this worked in real life.  I know many people say, “Oh, I have no regrets because if I hadn’t made the mistakes I made, I wouldn’t be who I am today.”  Bump that, I have regrets.  And, some choices, I would erase in a second if I could get time back. There are a few things I’m glad I learned on my own, but I can honestly look back and say there were a couple of times I should have taken better notes.  I should have skipped the lesson and listened to the Cliff Notes from someone who’d been there, done that.  If you’re in my boat, suck it up, we’re here now.  If you’re still rowing, abandon ship and make smarter choices.  Take advice and listen to it. Let Rubber Eraser Day serve as a reminder that only a few things in life can be erased for a redo and time isn’t on that list.  Have fun. Be smart.



Because I promised.

I would much rather celebrate Look Up at the Sky Day today, but since I promised to let you know, it is Ex-Spouse Day.   I’ve never been married, so I don’t have anyone to celebrate and I’m not going to celebrate my ex-boyfriends because this is not that day. But, for those of you, who have taken that blissful walk down the aisle and lived to regret it or at least change your mind, today is your day.

Now, if you have a great relationship with your ex, you may actually call and thank them for being who they are, even though you’re better apart than you were together.  If you have an okay relationship with your ex or only still know them because of the kids.  I think fond thoughts and appreciation quietly to yourself will suffice.  If you have a horrible ex who you would have rather killed than divorced, were it a legal option, your celebration may involve a voodoo doll and repentance.

When I get married, I hope to never have to celebrate this holiday, but I’m curious to know how you are celebrating today.  Let me know in the comment section below.  And, remember while you are celebrating them, they may be celebrating you.

I’ll be looking up at the sky.



S-A-D Day. Words with Friends Anyone?

It’s Scrabble Day.  Celebrated by millions, this game was invented in 1938 by Alfred Mosher Butts and is so popular it’s sold in 121 countries and 29 languages.  Scrabble has its own association and annual tournament.  This year’s North American Scrabble Championship will be held July 22-26, in New Orleans.   If you’re interested, registration is still open!

escorted cryI must admit the seemingly innocent, jumbled pile of Scrabble letters taunt me. When I see those 1″x 1″ inch, lettered, wood tiles my heart is filled with a pitiful longing. They are a sad reminder of the days I when was escorted from the family game night table for fear that my greatest number of points would never exceed ten.   To them, I wasn’t worth the turn, the time, the letters.  I knew I was smart.  Still,  my mother, father, and sister banished me to the T.V. room, while they giggled and had intense battles over word challenges.

“Grab the Scrabble dictionary!” I’d hear them shout, bickering and laughing with each other,  while my ear was pressed against the game room door, which they always shut. 

I couldn’t even see the game.  I’d whisper words like, “muzjiks” to myself.  The kind of word I’d try to play if trapped with a Z and a J, should I ever be invited to join the word war on the other side of the door.   I’d listen and whimper, like a dog asking to be released from her crate, while whatever Disney movie they popped in the VHS drowned out my tears.  At least, that’s what I pretended.  Surely, they couldn’t hear me. Surely, they weren’t ignoring my cries.

It wouldn’t be until decades later that I’d have the opportunity to redeem my self-esteem and prove my word-smith potential.  Enter Words with Friends.  Finally, a chance to play! Even though they weren’t really my friends, these strangers didn’t judge me.  They accepted my literary slayings like worthy opponents.  Falling beneath my triple word  scores and sending messages about my spectacular unconventional words, like “caziques.” I was finally a conqueror. I was finally invited to the table.  

A bittersweet pill to swallow since my Dad passed a few years before the gratifying app. In my heart, he plays with me.  Finally noticing me, just like my mother and sister, finally saying, “Here, you can shake the bag.”happy cry

When you celebrate Scrabble Day today, remember that it is a game and all should be invited to the table.  Sometimes, it’s not about the words, it’s about the fellowship!

H-O-L-I-D-A-Y  O-N  M-Y  F-R-I-E-N-D-S!