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Is your boss getting on your nerves today? Have you had it up to here with that coworker you wish would just quit already? Was that last email your last straw? It sounds like you’re ready to celebrate I Want to Start My Own Business Day!

caution-1776643_640Whoa, Nelly!  Before you get all pumped up and march to your manager’s office or press send on your resignation email, think things all the way through.  While running a successful business can feel gratifying and like a real boss move, starting one can feel a little different, terrifyingly different.  If you have the innovation, ideas, ambition, and resilience to make that move, by all means, make it, just don’t put all your eggs in one basket.  Put some eggs in the “now bills” basket, the “emergency” basket, and the “once in a lifetime dream concert” basket.  You never know what may come up while you’re waiting for the “my own business” eggs to hatch.  Celebrate today by starting at square one of your new business adventure.  If you aren’t interested in starting your own business, today is a great day to lend your talents and help an entrepreneur you know start theirs.  Have fun and…



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King Kong

King Kong needs something to sit on, but that’s not exactly why we celebrate Skyscraper Day. Today is the day to enjoy the beauty and practical uses of skyscrapers. More than being the backdrop to movies, skyscrapers allow cities to grow tall when they can’t grow wide.  Smart engineering and an artistic eye have designed some extraordinarily beautiful skyscrapers with over 160 stories.  Architects battle for height like men battle for length, so celebrate today by admiring their handy work and stroking a few egos. Visit a skyscraper near you and take a tour. Go up, go down, go all around and…


Hello, Boy.

emma mills NuttDo you remember phone operators?  I mean the kind who answered switchboards and connected calls?  Of course you don’t and neither do I, however, today we are celebrating the very first female Phone Operator.  It’s Emma M. Nutt Day!  Emma, who was very glad her name wasn’t Imma, was the first female phone operator.  Hired by Alexander Graham Bell to work at the Boston Telephone Dispatch on September 1, 1878, she replaced the rude teenage boys who were originally the go to source of labor for this position.

Can you imagine having to deal with an adolescent boy, who’s uncomfortable, tired and rude?  She was more than a stone’s throw nicer and polite. Next hired was her sister and then almost all the women in the area.  Regardless of the invasive interview process which included, height, weight, and arm length requirements, women saturated the industry. Now, here’s where things get interesting.  Soon there were so many women working as switchboard operators they formed a union and asked for job growth opportunities.  They wanted to be considered for the higher paying blue collar jobs traditionally given to men. They got what they asked for and the EEOC persuaded the American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T – never knew what that stood for) to sign an agreement opening every job in the company to men and women.  The kicker is, more men were willing to work for less pay as switchboards operators, because it was less strenuous than being an installer or lineman and for the same reasons, not as many women went after those higher paying jobs. In the end more men than women ended up as switchboard operators than women.  Talk about a switcheroo.

Celebrate today by examining the end game of your wants and needs.  Think, think, think, and…


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A good start…

If you know the beginning of this joke, you know it doesn’t end well for the lawyers.  So, at least they have today!  It’s Love Litigating Lawyers Day!  Lawyers don’t usually receive a standing ovation and are regarded as everything from a saint to a sleazy salesman. They are friend or foe depending on which side of right you stand, as we have all seen on Law & Order or experienced personally.

The truth is most lawyers aren’t out to squeeze nickles and dimes from the little guy and bankrupt corporations.  They want to see justice served and the law working for every citizen. At least that’s how most of them used to think.  So, celebrate today with a public defender, personal litigator, or watching Primal Fear, (one of my favorite lawyer flicks).  Love on a lawyer (especially if you’re married to one) and…


Rock the 19th

Although I don’t know what some women were thinking this past presidential election, today we celebrate their right to F up. It’s Women’s Equality Day!  On this day, in 1920, the 19th Amendment gave women the legal right to vote. Since then we’ve taken some giant leaps forward (and a few baby steps backward).

Celebrate today by thinking about all that has been accomplished with the support, partnership, and leadership of women voters.  Women have played key roles in elections and the passing of legislation at local, state, and federal levels.  The impact of women voters can’t be denied.  If you are a woman of voting age take today to think about how you use your vote.  Maybe you need to register, maybe you need to get involved in local government, or maybe you just need to read the entire ballot book the next time you receive it in the mail.  Being involved in creating laws and choosing leaders to represent you isn’t a privilege, it’s a right, one women had to fight to receive.  Don’t take your voice lightly.  Have fun and…



Grey Mare

oldgreymare_menuCount your candles and see if you qualify for today’s National Holiday.  It’s National Senior Citizens Day! Today’s holiday bears the signature of President Ronald Reagan, the call number Proclamation 5847, and celebrates the contributions of our elders.

The old grey mare ain’t what she used to be, 60’s the new 50 and in some cases the new 40.  Senior citizens are poppin’ and not just because they have their own holiday.  Between Yoga, technology, AARP, plastic surgery and going vegan, the aged are limber, educated, wealthy, and enjoying life more than a few 20 somethings I know.  So, take today to celebrate the 60, 70, 80, and 90, somethings you know and if you’re planning to follow in their footsteps, you should probably take a couple notes. Even if they aren’t living like Jada Pinkett Smith’s mother, they have covered ground you have yet to see. Taking their advice can make your roads straighter and less bumpy and if you’ve already made a mess of things, I’m sure they know a great clean up crew.  Be wise, be well, and…


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Unmentionables have come a long way.  They’re more colorful, more versatile, and cover much less than they used to cover.  Unless you’re Mormon, then they’ve pretty much stayed the same.  But, if your garments are flashy and you know it, celebrate National Underwear Day!

Today (hopefully, every day if you wear them) put on a fresh pair and flaunt them if you want to.  Celebrated Annually with fashion shows, pop-up shops, and public almost nakedness, National Underwear Day gets plenty of recognition.  Show you’re secure in your body and walk the street half dressed.  Or you can wear your underwear on the outside of your clothing and make an entirely different fashion statement.  Whatever, you do, celebrate in style with the cute non-period panties, and the special, boxer briefs without the extra personally made holes.  Keep it clean and…