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Champagne Friday

What’s your champagne personality?  Are you the type that only pops a cork on special occasions, like birthdays, weddings, and funerals?  Or, are you the type that only pops a cork for special occasions like, Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays? Either way, today, you’re covered, it’s National Champagne Day, so break out the bubbly to celebrate the bubbly.

Champagne is created when a wine is fermented a second time in a sealed container, this creates carbonation a.k.a, the bubbly! If you’re calling for Dom Perignon, thank a monk, because at least one of the claimed inventors of champagne was a French monk named Dom Perignon.  However, like many good things that catch on, there are several versions of how the sparkling wine originated. We’re just glad it originated.  So, celebrate with a glass of alcohol fizz.  Get fancy and dress it up by dropping a few berries in the glass. Invite your friends over and sample different brands, flavors, and combinations.  It’s never fun to drink alone unless of course, no one is around.  Pop! Fizz! Drink!  Have fun and…



Today’s References: Henri’s Reserve, France Today


Grab the Thelma to your Louise and act out.  It’s National Girlfriend’s Day.  Some may get confused and think today is about laying up with your man, but it’s not.  We’re celebrating female relationships that have lasted since you were five or for five minutes.

Women need women and today recognizes that special girlfriend bond! Guys may poke fun, but secretly they wish someone thought enough of them to have a conversation with them while they were in the restroom.  Men envy the close bond women share.  We’re not afraid to love each other out loud through all moods.  Girlfriends will pop out of a car trunk to make you laugh, hold you tight when you need to cry, and share a cell when things get drastic.

Let your bestie know you love and appreciate them.  Take the day or evening to share one on one girl time.  Take besties, sip wine, have a spa day or (if you can afford it) lay around doing nothing.  If you budget by day and splurge by night, own tonight! It’s not only Ladies Night, It’s Girlfriends day!  Have fun and…


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Who’s the socially awkward person you call every time you forget your work computer’s password, it runs slowly or says you need permission to touch anything else?  It’s System Administrators Appreciation Day!!  It may sound a little sad, but SAAD is a real thing and it shouldn’t go uncelebrated.  Invented July 28, 2000, by Ted Kekatos who saw an HP LaserJet Advertisement in a magazine with people giving gifts to the IT person and wondered, “Where’s my gift?” And, SAAD became a real thing.  Almost as sweet as Pinocchio becoming a real boy.  

Celebrate today with confetti, ice cream, and of course gifts (maybe a red stapler).  Your System Administrator is critical to the smooth everyday operations of your office, whether you see them and understand them, or not.  Celebrate today by making your SA feel like a rock star, maybe even give them a guitar or sing a song in their honor.  They stress and sweat blood and tears so you can get on with your day.  Sometimes they work odd hours so you can work regular ones.  Hip hip hooray for all the SAs and…


Walk it Out!

I’m not saying you need to Forest Gump it out barefoot on the pavement, but I am saying that after celebrating Junk Food Day, it might not hurt to celebrate Take Your Pants For a Walk Day!

Let’s face it, you need to move, I need to move, so let’s celebrate! You should be walking in the pants you are wearing, otherwise, it defeats the point.  Pants can be shorts, skirts, or skorts, don’t get caught up in semantics.  If you’re usually a sloth, don’t prepare for a sprint, a stroll counts.  Hiking might be fun, but if you have a bum hip, stay on the straight path.  Your pants can enjoy a leisure pace, but you should move faster than the minute hand on your watch.  Enjoy the sunshine, the rain, or whatever the Earth is doing in your neck of the woods.  If you hate nature, walk indoors.  There is absolutely no way to avoid celebrating today.  Celebrate in groups or with a buddy.  Stand up and…


The New Glizzy

Apparently, I was late to the party, but my Bama cousins have gone to calling the All American Hot Dog a Glizzy.  I don’t know if the new name will catch on enough to affect today’s holiday, but it is National Hot Dog Day.  This grill day favorite has been around so long it was probably growing on a tree in the Garden of Eden.  From plain to the traditional ketchup and mustard, to gourmet, the hot dog is holding its ground against the hamburger, its notorious grill mate.

Of course, you celebrate today by eating a hot dog.  Try it gourmet, plain, with cheese or cut up in your spaghetti O’s, just eat it.  You may also want to view the tween rated, taunting meme glizzy in action.  It’s all fun and games until it happens to you.  People can be cruel.    Don’t sit down with the kiddies thinking you are going to celebrate by watching Sausage Party, it is not a children’s movie.  I repeat IT IS BARELY AN ADULT MOVIE. Keep it tame and celebrate by the grill.   Share a glizzy and…



Even Sadder…

As if it couldn’t get any sadder than waiting all year to celebrate Pi Day, someone went and dubbed today Pi Approximation Day.  Really what were all the mathematicians doing with their evenings?  Isn’t pi an approximation anyhow?  I agree when the HuffPost asks, How much Pi does one need? Of course, I expect some math witty retort, but what I need is fewer holidays related to approximate mathematical numbers.  I don’t even know what you should do to celebrate.  Maybe you can go around approximating everything.  I have fifty for whoever can replace today with “The Proper use of the Apostrophe Day!”

Maybe I’m a little jealous, but it seems math and science have hogged the holidays.  I say creative writing and English majors should take over a few dates.  I may have digressed for a minute.  I’ll work on this while the rest of the math nuts are sitting in a cubicle thinking of the next great math related holiday. Have an approximately happy day and…


Get Out

If you’re looking for a free pass or easy pass to forgiveness, today is your day.  It’s National Get Out of the Dog House Day!  If you are in the dog house with someone, you probably belong there and at the very least know why you’re there.  As the saying goes, every dog has his day and if you’re that dog, today’s your day.  I’m not advocating that those in the dog house are entitled to a guiltless, effortless free pass.  What I am advocating, in light of the holiday, is that with an apology and a sincere effort to reconcile, getting out of the dog house should be easier today than any regular day.  Of course, judgement is up for debate.    Let’s be clear, being in the dog house is a unisex occurrence, so men and women alike should have their groveling speeches and sincere hearts ready to go.  Take advantage of today.  Think about what landed you in the dog house and what you can do to rectify the situation.

Let’s be clear, being in the dog house is a unisex occurrence, so men and women alike should have their groveling speeches and sincere hearts ready to go.  Take advantage of today.  Think about what landed you in the dog house and what you can do to rectify the situation.

Forgiving requires a kind and gentle heart. Give it your best go today and offer acceptance.  Now, should the sunset without an apology or tomorrow breeds a second offense, I say use an electric collar going forward.  Fool me once….