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The light

Today we celebrate the original GPS and radar of the high seas.  It’s National Lighthouse Day.   The oldest known lighthouse stood 450 feet and was build between 300 and 280 B.C. in Egypt.  Lighthouses were very important to maritime life and have saved thousands of lives throughout history.  Today most lighthouses are either museums, points of interest or private homes (for someone crazy about stairs).  There are many lighthouse societies across the globe intent on preserving the history and nostalgia of lighthouses.

Celebrate today by visiting a lighthouse, making a lighthouse out of clay, or going to the beach, sticking a flashlight in your mouth, spinning around, and pretending to be a light house.  If you aren’t committed, consider your mission successful.  Have fun and…


Today’s reference: United States Lighthouse Society, Boston Globe


If you open your mouth and two words come to mind; Hali and tosis, you should start bad-breathcelebrating National Fresh Breath Day! Never underestimate the power of a clean mouth. It’s difficult to closely associate with people toting dragon breath.  Whispering, hugging, and heartfelt belly fulls of laughter become difficult in a hostile breath environment.  If this is you or someone you know, intervene and stop the humility immediately.

Bad breath can originate from poor food choices, poor hygiene choices or plain old bad genes.  The consequences of ignoring the problem can be terminal to your health, personal and professional life. So, celebrate by doing all you can to combat this epidemic in yourself or with others.  Brush your teeth at least twice a day, whether the sting of mouthwash and see your dentist regularly.  Mini oral hygiene gift bags are appropriate giveaways for today.  Brush, swish, spit, repeat and…


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My Momma’s Fav.

Chocolate, vanilla, or both, today we celebrate a sandwich that needs no bread.  It’s National Ice Cream Sandwich Day!  This very American treat has been a common folk favorite since the 18th century.  Originally sweet cream between biscuits, the invention of portable freezers helped this dessert evolve.

You may think the most important thing about the ice cream sandwich is the ice cream, but that’s not true.  It doesn’t matter what flavor you prefer or if you spread it between to wafers or cookies.  The most important thing is how you eat it.  Do you dive in and start taking bites?  Do you eat one wafer, then double it in half creating a short fat sandwich, or do you take the entire thing apart and eat it bit by bit?  My favorite technique combines a variety of approaches.

Step 1: Lick the outside perimeter with the tip of your tongue.

Step 2: Peel the top half of both wafers off and eat them plain.

Step 3:  Eat the other half of the sandwich with small bites.

Step 4:  Get another ice cream sandwich and repeat.

My mother loves ice cream sandwiches, so I dedicate today’s holiday to her.  Have fun celebrating today with friends and your favorite ice cream sandwich eating technique.



BigDaddy3Big Daddy Kane said it best, Ain’t No Half Steppin, so throw in all the chips.  It’s All or Nothing Day!  Why are you hesitating? Whatever idea you’ve been toying with, wherever you have been faking you’re going, today is the day to jump in with both feet. Work up the guts, spread your wings and go for broke.   You only live once, you’re going to die anyway, and who cares what everyone else is doing?  Get married, start a business, write a book, and travel everywhere.  Do it and do it all with no apologies.  Just don’t be the dud, who starts and stops.  Second place is just the first loser, thinking about going is not just like being there and only doing is doing.  Don’t be afraid of failing because everyone does at some point.  When you go for broke, you give it your all and end knowing that no matter what you couldn’t have done it any other way.  Do you, do life and do it all or nothing!  Have fun and …




Naked Friday

If you’re anything like me, the day of the week is irrelevant, but if you’re not like me, I implore you to explore celebrating National Nude Day!  Go Au natural. Celebrated internationally, today’s holiday originated fourteen years ago, in New Zealand, when a streaking dare went too far.   The official way to celebrate today is to go streaking, which means going naked in a public place where most others are dressed.  Since I don’t have bail money and have no plans to be your defense in court, I understand if you keep your celebration on the DL.

The official way to celebrate is to go streaking, which means going naked in a public place where most others are dressed.  Since I don’t have bail money and no plans to be your defense in court, I understand if you keep your celebration on the DL.  Before any die-riders go getting their butt hairs in a tizzy, I suggest spending the day at a nudist resort.  There are plenty to choose from and if you’re a first timer, the experience may be different than you expect, just remember proper nudist etiquette.  Strip, streak, and…


Today’s References: The HuffPost, American Association for Nude Recreation

The Eyes Have It

Elizabeth-Berkley-Sectoral-HeterochromiaToday we celebrate the dogs, cats, horses, and people with a rare and somewhat exotic abnormality.  It’s Different Colored Eyes Day!  I think they dumbed down today’s title from Heterochromia Day.  Perhaps “they” think you’re an idiot who can’t say Heterochromia, but I digress.  Heterochromia is caused by an imbalance of melanin in the iris which can result in complete or partial heterochromia, which means different color eyes.  If you have complete heterochromia, you have two completely different eye colors.  If you have partialheterochromia, you probably have a variety of colors in one or both eyes.  In most cases, heterochromia is a benign medical condition. In other cases, something is wrong with you. For example, if you were not born with two different eye colors and one day you bump your head and now you have heterochromia, you’ve probably been tragically injured and should see a doctor instead of flaunting your new exotic look.

Celebrate today by embracing eyes of a different color.  If you have two eyes that are the same color, you can wear a patch with an eye of a different color pasted on top or, you can put a contact in one eye.  Most likely, I’ll celebrate by watching reruns of the classic Saturday morning show, Saved by the Bell.  Why you ask?  Because Elizabeth Berkley is on the list of celebrities with Heterochromia.  “I’m so excited!”



Today’s References: All About Vision, National Institute of Health

All work

If you’re all work and no play, celebrate.  It’s Workaholics Day!  If you’re the first in and the last out, think about work 24/7 and even take an extra piece of luggage on vacation for your work materials, you’re a workaholic. Maybe you’re a workaholic because you’re so driven you don’t have time to stop and smell the roses.  Maybe you love your job so much, you neglect the fact that others would rather spend time with you minus your Powerpoint for next week’s meeting.  Or, maybe you work for a boss that expects you to be at their beck and call, even though no one’s life is at risk. Today and today only, we celebrate your dedication and the gray hairs that come with it.

Celebrate today by continuing to be engrossed in your work, or finally, give yourself and your family the day off.  Engage in conversations that have nothing to do with your job. Acknowledge the world beyond your laptop.  Go outside and literally smell a rose.  Have fun and…DON’T WORK TODAY!


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