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When in doubt

It’s time to venture to the back and celebrate Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day!  What’s lurking in the back of your fridge?  What is that brown gook that spilled down the back wall six months ago?  What is the sauce in that Pyrex dish you swore you would use again? Whatever it is, today is moving day.  Tonight, don’t cook. Eat leftovers and purge.  You have to make room for the holiday feasts.

As a child, I had severe disdain for this chore every time it was assigned to me. The fridge was packed with different plastic tubs of something other than what was on the label, there was always spillage that was hard to scrub out because the temperature of the fridge kept it cool, hard and sticky. There was always at least 3 to 4 condiment bottles of something that had just enough left, so I couldn’t just toss them in the trash.  I hated pulling out the cumbersome shelves and drawers, dueling with them in a sink that was too small for them to fit, and mopping up the spilled dishwater from the floor.  And, as I’d put the food back, wiping the bottom of every jar and reorganizing the arrangement for efficiency and neatness, I knew in my heart a self-cleaning fridge would be invented by the time I had my own house.

But, alas, it seems the self-cleaning fridge of my dreams is still in the works, so today I’ll be celebrating with everyone else. Turn up the music, venture to the back, investigate every jar (when in doubt, throw it out), and…


P.S. – Yes, the freezer too.

…take me away!

PegIf this is how you Spring clean or the red head to the right is your idea of the perfect housekeeper, then today is the holiday for you!  It’s No Housework Day! So rest easy and stop pretending you “totally mop at least once a week.”

Some won’t have any trouble celebrating today, but if your personality is closer to Monica from Friends,  you may need restraints.


I suggest celebrating today by staying out of the house, even if you wouldn’t be tempted to clean it.  Go to the movies, see a play, go shopping, go bowling, have a drink with friends, be a tourist in your town, anything but, couch-sitting and sleeping.  Today is not the day to binge on a new Netflix series.   Tomorrow you may go back to being neurotic, lazy, or somewhere in between.