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Buttons, Glue, and Feathers

Be a preschooler for a day and celebrate National Make Your Own Hat Day!  Get creative with buttons, glue, feathers and whatever office supplies you can find.  Spend the day making a hat using paperclips and rubber bands.  It’s Friday.  Don’t worry about what your cubicle neighbors are doing.  Concentrate on your masterpiece and wow the world. On a more patriotic note, it’s also National POW/MIA Recognition Day. Be sentimental and make a hat to honor someone you love, admire or miss.



But what’s your point?

For all the conspiracy theorists who have claimed for years that holidays are publicity stunts created by different organizations, the media, and greeting card companies; you’re right!  But, what’s your point? Creating an actual national holiday literally requires and act of congress and if they can’t pass a budget, what makes you think to create National Fruit Fly Day would make it to the top of their list?

So, yes, basically most holidays are created by making a strong declaration and getting others to buy into it (pun intended).  Which brings me to today’s holiday – It’s Make Up Your Own Holiday Day! So, if you search the internet and find someone forgot to nationally recognize Food Theater and you are extremely passionate about potatoes with personality, declare today National Food Theater Day.

I’m declaring today National Striped Sock Day.   stripped-socks-1178643_1280

Don’t judge, choose what makes you feel good and declare your own National holiday. Who cares if you end up celebrating alone in your closet surrounded by striped socks.

On the other hand, if you’re actually interested in initiating an act of congress, I found this document but didn’t read it in its entirety because I wasn’t that interested.  If you are, be my guest.

Have fun and holiday on my friends!

What are you celebrating? Let me know!